Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"
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3 October 2013

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Is it possible, that the institution of official human science in fact started to lean already towards doing an exact opposite of what it was originally established to do, i.e. it started to be a servant of lies, holds break progress, make learning impossible, blocks the further development of the humanity, etc.? In other words, is it possible that the institution of official science already reached this turning point in its "lifecycle" from which its fall-down begins - i.e. the point equally turning as was e.g. for the Christianity the formation of medieval "inquisition" and burning on stakes everyone who tried to think differently than it was allowed by the official doctrines of the church? As it turns out, YES. One amongst evidence for this beginning of the fall-down of the science is the device described on this web page. This device at present is known under the name of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - because around 2000 years ago it was constructed by a Chinese genius of that particular name. But in fact it is NOT a "seismograph", because every seismograph detects earthquakes only when it is shaken by them. But historical data inform, that this Zhang Heng device remotely detected earthquakes when these were still distant by around 500 kilometres from the apparatus. This is because this device utilises for operation waves of telepathic disturbances, which every impending earthquake sends in all possible directions. It is because of such use of telepathy in its principle of operation, that the creator of this apparatus named it the "houfeng didongy yi" - that means the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". Unfortunately, the fact that it utilises telepathic waves is giving an excellent excuse to present scientists to NOT research and NOT build it. After all, the "telepathy" is for present scientists the same of "heresy" was for medieval inquisition. But this "telepathy" is just an "excuse". The real reason, for which the present science does NOT research and does NOT implement this device, nor researches and implements well-known already methods of earthquakes' prevention based on morality, is the "greed" discussed more thoroughly in item #R1 from a separate web page named quake.htm. (I recommend to later have a look at that item #R1, because it is like a continuation of this web page.) It turns out, that many "luminaries of science" rip significant financial benefits from the fact, that officially the humanity still does NOT know any effective method for detecting impending earthquakes. Thus, such people quietly sabotage all research which could lead to the development of such a method. Therefore, it is worth to read this web page even just to learn how wonderful are capabilities and operation of this ancient telepathic device for the remote detection of impending earthquakes, the researching of which decision makers of present science decisively refuse because of their imperfections and greed.

Notes regarding the "cut-down version" of this web page: This server limits to 260 kB the size of web pages uploaded onto it. But because the complete version of this web page requires more than such 260 kB of memory, in order to make it available on this (highly popular) server, it becomes necessary to cut off and remove several parts of the text which are least important to the presentation of the Zhang Heng Seismograph. Items of the text which were cut off and removed, are marked below by replacing them with an explanatory comment (in a red colour). Of course, the reader still can view this removed text at different servers which also offer this web page for reviewing, but which do NOT limit its size. Addresses of this web page on such servers (which do NOT limit its size) are listed in the beginning part of "Menu 3". In turn links to these servers provide the first section in "Menu 4". (Click on any amongst these addresses or links to shift over there.)

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       Every year earthquakes cause deaths of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people. On the other hand, for around two thousands years is known to people a telepathic device which allows to detect at large distance the moment when an earthquake is brewing and is about to strike. Thus, the device allows to give to people an advanced warning about the approaching danger with the sufficient time to let them save themselves and save their property. This device was already build and it was proven in action - so we know for sure that it is extremely effective. Therefore, only because of a kind of hypocrisy, stubbornness, and financial gains of some amongst scientific decision makers, that it is NOT presently rebuild - so that it could save lives and property of these thousands of people. Thus, the main goal of this web page is to realise, that such a device for the remote detection of approaching earthquakes exists since a long time, to explain how this device works, and to describe how we can build it in present times.
       This web page has also additional goals. One of these is to realize, that only in "the world without God" cataclysms would hit innocent people, while true reasons of disasters would lie in behaviours of inhabitants from distant countries - so that victims would have NO ways to prevent cataclysms. But in the world ruled by God, earthquakes and all other cataclysms are "punishments" that God serves only to those people who previously deserved them through practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism that makes impossible to live accordingly to God's requirements. Thus, one amongst further goals of this web page is to document scientifically that in the world governed by God, every victim hit by a cataclysm actually deserves the punishment. This web page documents also, that the understanding of this fact is highly beneficial for people - as this is emphasized also in item #B3 from the web page landslips.htm and item #F1 from the web page totalizm.htm. After all, by understanding "what" and "how" is punished by God, everyone can now effectively defend himself or herself against cataclysms by undertaking prevention measures which agree with methods of God's actions - for details see item #C5.1 of this web page. Still another goal of this web page is to document, that many "religious" people also fall in clows of the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism the practicing of which is punished by God with a cataclysm - therefore the sole fact of someone's "religiousness" does NOT protect from cataclysms at all, the same as the sole fact of someone's practicing "atheism" does NOT endanger with the arrival of cataclysms. Therefore this web page documents also typically overlooked truth that "morality" must NOT be confused with "religiousness", and thus that the fact whether someone is to be affected by a cataclysm, or whether is going to be protected from it, depends exclusively on "how moral life he or she leads" and "how actively this someone promotes morality, truth, justice, peace, love, etc." In the best way this fact is explained with words of the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" verses 33:18-19, quote: "When someone righteous turns back from his righteousness and actually does injustice, he must also die for them. And when someone wicked turns back from his wickedness and actually carriers on justice and righteousness, it will be on account of them that he himself will keep living."

#A2. What inspired me to write this web page:

       Our planet continually experiences deadly earthquakes. On the boxing day of 26 December 2003 the tragic earthquake in the city Bam from Iran claimed over 30 000 human lives. Also on the boxing day, but of 26 December 2004, the powerful earthquake and tsunami waves from the Indian Ocean claimed around 300 000 human lives. All these deadly events remind us how important is to be able to develop a principle, a method, and a working device on the Earth, which would be able to detect remotely the impending earthquakes a sufficient time before they actually strike. At the moment humanity does not have such a working device. However, surprisingly, the humanity knows a principle and an effective method for remote detection of impending earthquakes since 132 AD (means since almost 2000 years). Only that this principle and method seems to be intentionally ignored by present "atheistic orthodox science", means by the official science to-date on the Earth - as this science is defined in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. No-one wants to research it officially. Also no-one is prepared to build officially the alarming instrument that is based upon it. Sarcastically, the reason for this intentional ignoring of this wonder instrument is the fact, that the principle that it utilises extends beyond philosophical horizons of present science. This is because the instrument is based on intercepting and decoding "telepathic waves" (means the phenomenon by ancient Chinese called "chi"), the existence of which this "atheistic orthodox human science" still does NOT want to acknowledge officially. Furthermore, this principle is a living proof of the inferiority and inadequacy of present "atheistic orthodox science", which in 21st century still is unable to understand phenomena which stand behind a technical device that was build almost 2000 years ago. This is why, one amongst most urgent goals of present societies is to "break the monopole for knowledge" of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and to open for it an effective "competition", through official establishing the completely new "totaliztic science" which is to research the reality from an opposite than so-far approach called "a priori" the scientific and philosophical foundations for which are providing the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. After all, for as long as the science to-date starts to have an official competition which is going to "look at its hands", this science is NOT going to abandon its highly immoral culture of lazy thinking, unverified claims which fast turn out to be completely false, avoidance of definitive answers and taking responsibility for what scientists claim, "fiddling" with outcomes of research to suit interests of these ones who pay the most, hiding truths, etc., etc. So-far our science and scientists sometimes claim cardinal bullshit only because there is a lack of other authoritative institution, of the kind of such a competitive "totaliztic science" - which could these bullshit reveal to the society and correct it.
       At this moment humanity have mastered technically the method which detects earthquakes only after they have stricken. The reason is that so-far people use only "inertial" seismographs. But their attribute is that they must be "shaken" by an earthquake to be able to register it. However, the excellent principle and effective instrument, which are known to people since ancient times, are much more advanced than present "inertial" seismographs. They allowed to detect remotely earthquakes which still were in the stage of brewing up. Simultaneously, the official ignoring of their principles by present orthodox science does not decrease their usefulness, nor invalidate their historically confirmed successes. Therefore, this web page assumes the honourable task of reminding to people about this ancient principle and instrument that are intentionally discriminated by our present orthodox science. After all, with the use of this principle and instrument ancient Chinese were able to detect incoming earthquakes a long time before these earthquakes inflicted any damage. An extraordinary technical device constructed for this principle and method of remote earthquake detection was then called the houfeng didongy yi. In the Chinese language this name means the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". (Notice that the word "fluid" is used here in the meaning from hydromechanics. It means every substance which is in state other than that of solids.) Presently this instrument is known on Earth under a different and rather misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph".
       Actually every earthquake is "talking" to announce its arrival a long time before it strikes. It is a common knowledge that this "talk" is perceived and understood by many animals which show a clear panic before a powerful earthquake is to strike. Also some humans who have so-called "psychic" abilities, can hear an earthquake coming. The device described on this web page was able to "hear" and "understand" this "talk" of incoming earthquakes as well. Therefore, it was even able to indicate how much time was left before a given earthquake is to strike. Unfortunately, the device was build only once almost 2000 years ago. Then it was forgotten. So now it still awaits for someone to reconstruct it with the use of a modern technology. Regrettably, since this web page was published in March 2003, my continuous efforts to find a research institution which would help me to build this device have failed. It appears that our present scientific institutions are intentionally avoiding investment in a research and technology that would be able to sense warnings from such telepathic "talks" of incoming earthquakes.
       In item #H4 near the end of this web page is explained, that similarly to earthquakes, also the tornados broadcast into surroundings similar telepathic warning signals which announce their arrival. These signals from tornados also can be intercepted and understood by the instrument which is just a modified version of the device described on this web page. Therefore the principle of operation and the device "houfeng didongy yi", which are explained on this web page, are capable of remote detection of the approaches of impending earthquakes, as well as murderous tornados, and even hurricanes.
       This web page shows numerous photographs of modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi". But we must clearly emphasize here, that none of the replicas shown here ever worked. All of them are only replicas which copy external appearance and selected components of this instrument, but are unable to copy the operation of the original instrument. In fact, so far no-one on our planet managed to produce a working replica of this instrument - in spite that we all are so proud of the advancement of present technology. My research indicate, that the reason for this inability of replicas to work, is that all modern replicas of the "houfeng didongy yi" were constructed on the erroneous principle of operation. Their creators assumed that this instrument originally worked on principles of inertia - means that it worked exactly the same as present seismographs do. However, in reality it worked on principles of an "analog processing of telepathic signals". Only this web page disclosed for the first time the true operation of this wonder instrument.

#A3. The related web page named day26.htm discusses the topic of "tsunamis" which are induced by earthquakes described here:

       These readers, who found themselves interested in the subject area of this web page, are invited to review also the related web page named day26.htm. This related web page discusses the subject of so-called "tsunamis" which, as we know, through the "physical cause-effect chain" are induced by earthquakes. For this reason that another web page day26.htm extends and additionally shows from a different angle numerous topics discussed here on this web page.

Part #B: Why murderous earthquakes, and other cataclysms, are disastrous only from the human point of view:

       To decrease the memory required for hosting this cut-down version of this web page, next items from #B0 to #B7.3 were removed from it. In order to still read these removed items, the reader needs to either open the complete version of this web page offered from addresses listed in "Menu 3", or needs to find them on another web page named quake.htm - to items #F1 to #N2 of which, the entire this "part #B" (based on the empirical research of mechanisms of morality) was shifted on 23rd of December 2011. (That another web page named quake.htm is entirely devoted just to presentation of "totaliztic methods for prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms" - i.e. methods of defence and prevention that were developed due to "a priori" approach to experimental research enforced by principles of the new so-called "totaliztic science", which strives to prevent earthquakes and other cataclysms through the utilisation of our knowledge on principles of work of moral mechanisms. Thus, that another web page quake.htm presents all the findings and their further extensions, that in a complete version of this web page were presented in this "part #B" until 23rd December 2011.

#B8. Could these cumulative raises in earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters mean that the "end of world" is just approaching?

Motto: "The physical world exists for very important reasons, thus in order it finishes also very important reasons need to appear."

       For as long I reach with my memory, every several years some next "false prophets of doom", desiring fortune, fame, or power over other people, announce, that the "end of world" is just approaching, and they even determine the date when the entire world supposed to become completely annihilated. After all, if they have a good business which produces goods that are promising people to survive that "end of world", for example, a business which produces underground bunkers, or if they sell their books which spread panic, or if they are poor priests of any marginal religion or cult which needs docile followers, then there is nothing that could give a new life to their interests, as scaring people with the end of the world. Then, when this date passes and nothing happens, they can announce another such date and pretend that this time they "know what they are talking about" - means they may even support their claims with ever newer "authoritative source or data".
       In years 2009 and 2010, on the entire world a hysteric campaign of such "false prophets" was noisily disturbing the life of people, by trying to scary everyone that in 2012 the world supposed to end. Those forecasts were cleverly beaten yet in 2011 by an American radio "preacher" who allegedly managed to "make a fortune" due to convincing many naive believers that they should invest their savings in "warning" other people that "the end of the world" supposed to take place on May 21, 2011 - for more details see the articles of that time, e.g. see "Apocalypse business booms for Family Radio", from page B3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, May 20, 2010), or see the article "When doomsday forecasts go wrong" from page A6 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, (issue dated on Saturday, May 21, 2011 ). (In this latest article is recalled, amongst others, 5 other similar cases of someone announcing the next date of the end of the world - which, of course, all would NOT come true.)
       In this item I am going to justify on the empirical evidence, why persons who practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm should NOT take any notice of such attempts to scary them, but take these attempts for what they really are, that means take them for someone's clever ways to make money, to attract attention, to exert a negative impact on other people, to become famous, to gain donations of docile followers for their cult or religion, etc.
       After a subsequent fiasco of just such "predictions" for the year 2000, when according to prognosis of many fatalists the world supposed to end amongst others, because of the computer virus "Y2K", further such "false prophets of doom" determined next dates for the "end of world", one amongst of which, according to their opinion, supposed to be December 2012. That time the date supposed to be reliable, because it was based on an ancient so-called "Maya Calendar" - i.e. the calendar which still remembered the epoch of chipping stones, although it was also known in history that it was unable to revel to its "Maya" owners that their end is just coming. To be honest, if according to the logic of those "prognosticators of 2012" someone looked at item #B5 from my web page named pigs.htm, then he or she could begin to announce that "the end of the world" will take place on 28 January 2025, because the "Chinese calendar" from that my web page just ends on that date. (Of course, in reality that my calendar ends there only because I had to finish it somewhere, while I ran out of patience on this date to continue beyond it my searches and writing down further dates of the "Chinese Lunar Calendar" - but in fact if someone would wish, then this calendar could extend almost to infinity).
       Because on this web page I am explaining most vital aspects of natural cataclysms, while this item I wrote and published still before December 2012, I also considered to be my duty to disperse fears of readers regarding the year 2012, plus, of course, regarding all other dates of "the end of the world" that supposedly are already very close, while with which most certainly many different "false prophets" are to keep constantly coming out. Although December 2012 have already long passed since (and nothing happened then), below I am providing, without any changes, of what I wrote before the time of that December 2012 has came. After all, my descriptions for this already past time, are equally important for all subsequent false prophecies with which successive "prophets" are to keep coming out all the time. Here is what I wrote in this item prior to December 2012:
       I guarantee, that the world will NOT end in December 2012. However, the caused by immoral people intensification of natural catastrophes, combined with the stubbornness of people in destruction of our planet, may cause a significant depopulating of the Earth, which is to take place in the not-too-distant future. This depopulating may even lead to the not-too-distant fulfilment of the old Polish prophecy described in items #H1 to #H4 of the totaliztic web page prophecies.htm, that our planet become so unpopulated, that "men will kiss the ground when seeing on it footsteps of another person". After all, God uses catastrophes just for correcting morality of people. In turn imperfect people are extremely needed by God. This is because they are tools and experimental aid which God continually uses for increasing His own knowledge - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #B1 and #B1.1 from the totaliztic web page named antichrist.htm, and in item #F1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm.
       I am NOT the only person, who since a long time tries to reassure people, that the world is NOT to end neither in December 2012, nor at any other date which after the year 2012 most surely these "prophets of the end of world" are to indicate again. Similar assurances, only that justified by premises completely different from these indicated by my research, every now and again appear in mass media. For example, one of these was published in the written form in the article "World not ending, says guru", from page 6 of Malaysian newspaper The Sun (free copy), issue dated on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. That article repeats the announcement of "guru from India", i.e. someone named Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 54, creator and owner of the "Art of Living Foundation" - i.e. the foundation which is paid by the United Nation money, to work in areas destroyed by war, such as Kosovo, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Probably just within this framework, the foundation implemented in the peaceful Malaysia a series of programmes which tried to convince Malaysians to drop their prejudices regarding race, religion, education status and social status, etc., and teach them how to rehabilitate themselves, motivate themselves, pray, and live in peace. On the subject of the end of world, the guru informed the crowd of 8000 from the Sports Arena in Penang, Malaysia, that in 2012 the world is NOT going to end, but just is to transform into a more spiritual one, and more based on love. But the article did not explain what is going to propel this transformation, nor how in opinion of that guru the transformation is going to happen.
       Various empirical evidence is available, which also proves that there cannot be "end of world" neither in December 2012, nor in any other near date. Most illustrative examples of such evidence include "insights into the future". Some people (e.g. consider Nostradamus) were in past, and are even at present, being taken to a distant future, where it is demonstrated to them that the world will still exist then. For example, in item #J3 of the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm is described my own trip into the future. This my trip to the future extended much beyond the year 2012, and even beyond 21 century, because I saw in it very old trees having at least 50 to 100 years, which grew in my native village Stawczyk in areas where at present there are no trees. So now I estimate, that most probably I was in my native Stawczyk of the future around the year 2222 - for details see item #C4 from the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm. This estimation means, that probably I was given an insight into the future which is distant from now by over 2 centuries (this note I was writing in August 2010). Thus, the fact that some people are taken to the distant future and see in there that the world will then still exist and even 'look quite good", proves quite unambiguously, that the "scare mongering" about the year 2012, or about any other date, is just another example from a long list of scaring people with the "end of world" by those ones whom the Bible calls with the name "false prophets".
       A most sure manner of estimating the closeness of humanity to the "end of world", is to determine how much from the God's so-called "omniplan" is already implemented. This is because similarly like the life of every person is ruled by the "program of fate and life", the repetitive running of which allows e.g. to implement the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1 from the web page named immortality.htm, also the life of the entire physical world is ruled by a special "control program" which in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the "timespace" or "omniplan". The content of this God's "control program" was partially revealed to people in various sources, e.g. consider these verses of the Bible which explain that people are to overcome the death only near the end of times. Various facts from the real life, for example the action of the so-called "curse of inventors" which is described, amongst others, in item #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm - i.e. the "curse" that does NOT allow too-early inventions to spoil the precision of implementation of this "omniplan", reveal that God gradually completes His "omniplan" with the iron hand. Thus, if people wish to know when exactly the "end of world" is to come, then they should check on which level of implementation of this "omniplan" the humanity currently is. In turn, an excellent indicator of the level of current advancement of this "omniplan", is the so-called "Cyclic Table" of my invention, described on a number of totaliztic publications - amongst others in subsections B1 and LA1 from volumes 2 and 10 of the newest monograph [1/5], as well as on the totaliztic web pages named propulsion.htm, magnocraft.htm and pajak_jan_uk.htm. According to the information provided by this "Cyclic Table", until the present time God allowed people to implement only less than 30% of inventions (and only these most primitive and simple ones) that the humanity is to implement before the "end of world" is to come. Thus, if we assume the linear progression of human inventions, then this would mean, that the physical world exists only for NOT longer than some 30% of the planned by God time of its existence which God pre-programmed in His "omniplan". But even with a cumulative (exponential) progression of human inventions, in spite that then the current form of the humanity would face the further living through much less than these 70% of its entire time, still the humanity would need to exist for further hundreds, if not thousands, of years, to complete all inventions that God designed for the construction and experiencing by the humanity at this stage of people's training into "soldiers of God". For example, according to what is explained in section #J3 from my web page named magnocraft.htm after I leave this world, and thus I will NOT be able to assist the builders of my Magnocrafts and my Time Vehicles with any advices, still the undertaking of research and development of these vehicles of my invention by teams of the well-paid "atheistic orthodox scientists" with their highly-limited minds and horizons, could take up to 50 times longer than it would take myself - means the construction of Magnocrafts and Time Vehicles may even take more than a half thousand years. On the other hand, according to an information from the Bible, "the end of the world" will NOT happen before the humanity defeats the death - that is, before my Time Vehicles are completed on the Earth. In addition to the Bible, this fact is also confirmed by the knowledge of the operation of "Time Vehicles" which have been already determined by the new "totaliztic science". According to this knowledge, the "flying city" of Jesus (i.e. New Jerusalem), described e.g. in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm, or in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, is actually a "Time Vehicle". So before God is to allow for selected "righteous" to live in this city of immortality and happiness, firstly He will want that at lease some of them have experienced in their prior physical life of all these extraordinary phenomena described in items #H1 to #H7 from the web page named immortality.htm (i.e. that those people get to know in person what is the "imprisoned immortality", "everlasting happiness", "everlasting hell", etc.). After all, people can only learn these phenomena if previously they build "Time Vehicles". For this reason, in fact it lies in the vital interest of God, that before the coming of the "end of the world", people firstly built my "Time Vehicles", then they learn thoroughly the knowledge and phenomena associated with the operation and use of these Time Vehicles.
       The most certain determination when the end of the world may actually occur, one should seek in the Bible (and perhaps also in the sacred books of other religions). After all, the author (inspirer) of the Bible (and also other holy books) is God Himself - and He knows exactly when He planned to end the current form of humanity. Moreover, from the manner in which the Bible was written, it is already known to us, that it contains a well-hidden information about each key action of God. In turn the ending of this world is one amongst the most key such actions. But God so formulated the Bible, that all key information is fully encrypted in it, and typically it is impossible to decipher this information without putting in a huge amount of work and research. According also to my understanding, all previous investigations of people on "where" and "how" God encrypted in the Bible the date for the end of the world, are containing all sorts of false assumptions and distorted interpretations - and thus definitely false. As so far, I managed to find myself in the Bible only one coarse calming of people about the end of the world, which allows to be deciphered without making too many questionable assumptions and interpretations. This Biblical calming I already described in item #C4 from my web page named immortality.htm. It is contained in verses 12:11-12 from the Biblical "Book of Daniel". It states - I quote it from the Bible [1#I1]: "From the time the daily sacrifices are stopped, that is, from the time of The Awful Horror, 1,290 days will pass. Happy are those who remain faithful until 1,335 days are over!" To understand what these verses state, one needs to know, amongst others, the code that God uses in the Bible for determining the year of the end of the world, which code is disclosed in verse 4:5 from the "Book of Ezekiel", quote: "I am giving you the years of their guilt in the number of days." One needs also to know that the "daily sacrifices" were stopped with the crucifixion of Jesus. Although the exact year of the crucifixion of Jesus still has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt, in order to interpret the verses discussed here, out of all the years provided by "experts", the most rational is to select the year 31 AD. This is because at that year was historically recorded the earthquake - about the appearance of which during the crucifixion of Jesus wrote also the Bible. Furthermore, if we ever managed to establish beyond a reasonable doubt, that exact date the crucifixion of Jesus took place, was later, for example in the year 33 AD, then the humanity would only benefited from this because it would be given an additional two years of the existence before the end of the world. So if the above rules are applied to abovementioned verses 12:11-12, that is, if to the year 31 AD we add 1290 years, and then we add another 1335 years, then these verses can be understood, that with their help God reassures us that the end of this world definitely is NOT going to happen earlier than in the year 2656 AD. The way, however, in which these verses were formulated, suggests that this end may even be much later than in the year 2656 AD.
       For the year 2656 determined in this way, applies several rules which in relationship to "the end of the world" are explained in item #C4 from my web page named immortality.htm. For example, applies the rule that the closer the date of the end of the world someone indicates, the more likely that he is motivated by a prospect of some gains, while the further this date is indicated, the higher is the certainty that the person who points it out believes in the correctness of this date and disclose it to others on the principle of a moral obligation and a favour. This is probably because of the work of this rule, that I never met someone (apart from myself) who indicated the year 2656 AD as a possible date of the end of the world - in spite that the data on this subject can be easily decrypted from the Bible, and in spite that quite clearly this data indicates that it relates precisely to the end of the world. After all, the year 2656 lies beyond the scope of life of the present-day humans. So by pointing it no person is either able to induce panic which would increase the number of followers of his or her cult or religion, nor would increase his or her fortune by a massive sale of his or her book or e.g. underground shelters. Another rule also applicable to the year 2656, says that when the end of the world actually is to be approaching and close, people will NOT be aware of its proximity. This rule also will be met due to the fact, that for the final years the Bible foretells such a governmental terror and persecution of the knowledge about God, and also such a persecution of the morally acting people, that probably just having a Bible will be then prohibited, while the dissemination of information about the content of the Bible will be severely punished. (Notice from the article [1#C4(9)] indicated in item #C4 from the web page immortality.htm, that already in present times exist countries in which owning a copy of Bible is forbidden and officially punishable.) Thus, in those days my research findings and my publications will probably be treated in the same way, as heresy was treated during times of the medieval Inquisition. Still yet another rule states, that in order to avoid misinterpretation of biblical words and phrases, each one amongst the items of more important information from the Bible, God repeats in at least three different places of the Bible with the use of at least three different wordings. Thus, if the year 2656 will actually be the year of the end of the world, then it is also encoded somehow in at least two other places of the Bible. Unfortunately, at the moment I am far too busy with other research to find these other places and to try interpreting them on the basis of the findings of the new "totaliztic science". But I do NOT exclude the possibility, that I will do it in the future - if I only find the required amount of spare time. One needs to bear in mind here, that the second and further repetition of the more vital dates are in the Bible coded increasingly deeper - as an example consider the Biblical description of the lasting 1260-years duration of the political power of Roman-Catholic Church (i.e. from 538 AD till 1798 AD), coded in verse 7:25 of "Daniel" just with words "a time, and times, and half a time" (in the meaning 360 days plus 2x360 days plus 180 days, while each day represents one year - according to the abovementioned verse 4:5 from "Ezechiel"), while repeated in verse 12:14 from "Revelation".
       It is worth to emphasize here, that to the "end of world" applies also this personal promise of God, expressed in the verse 18:32 from the "Book of Genesis" of the holy Bible - which verse concerns the significance of so-called "10 righteous" (already described above in item #I1 of this web page). Namely, this promise expresses the personal assurance from God, that He is NOT going to destroy a given community or area, if in there is living at least 10 people who fulfil the God's definition of so-called "righteous". Because in turn the "end of world" from the very definition is such a time, when the entire Earth, as well as all communities that populate the Earth, are destroyed by God, this promise from God by the definition extend its validity also over the "end of world". Expressing this in other words, the humanity has also a personal promise from God, that the "end of world" is NOT going to happen for as long, as long within the so-called "destruction area" still are going to live at least 10 people that fulfil the definition of "righteous". Of course, many people who do NOT believe in God, will express various reservation about the reliability of personal promises from God expressed in the Bible. A typical reason for such reservations is that so-far practically no researcher in the world investigated scientifically whether God in fact keeps His promises, and also that as so-far, the level of human knowledge about God and about God's moral requirements was still too low for people to know exactly which moral behaviours God expects from humans. (For example, in the relation to the promise described here about "10 righteous", in fact until recently no-one could carry out checks how God keeps this promise, simply because previously the philosophy of totalizm was NOT formulated yet. Thus, people were unable to define correctly the meaning of the term morality - thus also were unable to define who actually does fulfil the God's definition of a "righteous".) Therefore, myself was probably the first scientist in the world who with the use of highly objective "totaliztic science" (described, amongst others, in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 to #C4 of the web page named telekinetics.htm) carried out such a scientific check of the level of fulfilment by God of promises which God included into the Bible. It then turned out, that these promises are fulfilled "to the letter". Documented scientifically examples of their fulfilment are described, amongst others, in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named petone.htm, in item #I3 from the totaliztic web page named day26.htm, and near the end of item #G2 from the web page named healing.htm. As every person can check this from this my research and documentation, in fact God with the true "iron consequence" keeps every His promise - including the promise about NOT destroying the area in which at least "10 righteous" people are living, or about healing everyone who displays a strong "faith" in his or her own healing.
       To summarise deductions from this item, and also to summarise the essence of findings presented in other totaliztic web pages, on the basis of rather extensive body of empirical evidence, it can be conclusively proven, that our physical world was NOT going to end in 2012, and is NOT going to end in any future year which is to precede the age when people construct my Time Vehicles. Only after "time vehicles" are build, and after all people accomplish (due to these Time Vehicles) the popular access to the described above "imprisoned immortality", it is possible that the "end of world" may take place - if authorities of that time will NOT respect pedantically the requirement that the access to the "imprisoned immortality" is reserved exclusively to individuals who just are experiencing the earned nirvana. I myself researched for many years this kind of matters, thus I have a logical and empirical basis to state with all my authority, that the scaring with the "end of world" in the year 2012, or in any other date that lies within the scope of living of present people, is just another case of "scare mongering" by the so-called "false prophets".
       Since we already mention "prophets" here, then it is worth to notice, that according to totalizm everything vital that God carries out, He always intentionally does it at such date and time, that NO-ONE amongst people is able to predict when exactly it is to happen. In this way God avoids unnecessary establishing "prophets" - as this is emphasized in several items of this web page, e.g. near the beginning of item #H3 or near the end of item #P5. The point is that if any amongst people is able to predict when exactly God does something, then other people would unnecessarily announced such a predictor to be another "prophet". On the other hand, in order someone could become a true "prophet", he or she must fulfil much more requirements (especially moral ones) than just be able to predict when something is to happen. Therefore, the fact, that the exact date when God carries out something very important, is NOT for predicting by anyone amongst people, God emphasizes in the Bible. For example, in relation to the "end of world", in verse 13:32 from the Biblical "Evangel of St. Mark", God states, quote: "Concerning that day or the hour nobody knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father." In order to also fulfil the recommended in the Bible command of God, that every vital matter must be confirmed by at least two or three independent "witnesses" (for details of this command see item #C5 on the web page named bible.htm), the above information God also additionally repeated, but with different words, in verse 24:36 from the Biblical "Evangel of St. Matthew", and in verse 1:7 in Biblical "Acts of Apostles". Notice here, that according to findings of totalizm, the above information (about the intentional disallowing the formation of "prophets" which could easily predict dates of vital events) maintains its validity also for all other vital cataclysms and Acts of God - this is why it is extremely difficult to predict "when" and "where" hits e.g. another ordinary earthquake, tsunami, flood, tornado, hurricane, fire, etc. In other words, because of the principle used by God and described here, to NOT turn into "prophets" people that do NOT deserve this honour, if whenever we hear about any further widely advertised date of the arrival of the "end of world" (or any other specific cataclysm), then we can be absolutely sure, that the "end of world" (or this other cataclysm) for sure will NOT come at that particular date.
       But while definitely denying here the possibility of the "end of world", I would like to simultaneously emphasize, that lately the human immorality slides down increasingly closer to the level of "agonal intellect" from the philosophy of parasitism - which God clearly is NOT prepared to tolerate any longer. Therefore, according to what I explained on this web page, and on related web pages, e.g. petone.htm, day26.htm or tornado.htm, with the increasing certainty we should expect, that in the nearest years this intensification of natural disasters, either gradually, or rapidly, is going to remove from the Earth the majority of immoral individuals and immoral communities - according to the principle of "extinction of most immoral" described in item #G1 from the web page named will.htm. In turn, for these immoral people, who because of practicing the philosophy of parasitism will soon need to die, in fact their little "worlds" are going to end already then. However, people who practice some form of the philosophy of totalizm do not need to be scared. This is because the empirics has proven, that when a destruction is to come, they will be saved on various ways. Thus, because such practitioners of totalizm are going to survive, no matter how many of them is to remain, still the physical world and the humanity are going to exist and still are going to continue the fulfilment of functions which God imposed onto them.
       The above presentation of the topic "end of world" is also provided in item #N1 from my web page named quake.htm.

#B9. Those more scared ones can relax - the world's nuclear war will never happen:

       In a similar manner like previous item #B8 reasons on the basis of easily verifiable body of evidence, that for the "end of world" the panicking "false prophets" must still await rather a long time, approximately many, many thousands of years, also a similarly verifiable body of evidence indicates, that on the Earth never is to happen a "world's nuclear war". (I.e. that there never will be a war which with the radioactivity and with radioactive pollutions would destroy the entire humanity, so that no even a single human would survive through it, while after it the Earth would get empty - although probably there will be even several local wars in which atomic weapon will be selectively used and which may even completely destroy some entire countries or entire nations.) But because to the discussion of the subject of wars the whole other web page is devoted, the body of evidence that "there never will be a nuclear world's war" is discussed in "part #J" (i.e. in items #J1 to #J4) of the separate web page named bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm. I recommend for interested readers to have a look at the body of evidence presented in there.

Part #C: The review of the most deadly earthquakes of the 21st century:

       To decrease the memory required for hosting this cut-down version of this web page, almost the entire next "part #C" - but excluding items #C5.1 and #C6.1, is removed from it. In order to still read this removed "part #C", the reader needs to either open the complete version of this web page offered from addresses listed in "Menu 3", or needs to find it on another web page named quake.htm - to items #P4 to #P7 and #B2 of which, almost the entire "part #C" of this web page (reporting on earthquakes that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand) was shifted on 23rd of December 2011. (That another web page named quake.htm is entirely devoted just to presentation of "totaliztic methods for prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms" - i.e. methods of defence and prevention that were developed due to "a priori" approach to experimental research enforced by principles of the new so-called "totaliztic science", which strives to prevent earthquakes and other cataclysms through the utilisation of our knowledge on principles of work of moral mechanisms. Thus, that another web page quake.htm presents all the findings and their further extensions, that in a complete version of this web page were presented in this "part #C" until 23rd December 2011.

#C5.1. There is a very simple (and inexpensive) way for Christchurch (and also for other cities and communities) to protect itself against any cataclysm - unfortunately the city acts exactly opposite to this way:

Motto: "If you wish to have a peaceful and safe life (far from cataclysms), then 'fund a stipend for an active totalizt'."

       If one believes in claims of the atheistic science, then after getting a "punch" from a destructive cataclysm, one may only "sit and cry". After all, for the atheistic science, e.g. devastating earthquakes from Christchurch described here, or e.g. catastrophic floods which on 10th to 12th January 2011 devastated Toowoomba and Brisbane from Queensland in Australia, are the outcome of NOT what happens in a given area, but of what happens in the entire world. Unfortunately, inhabitants of New Zealand or Australia cannot order e.g. politicians from the USA to start to control emissions from chimneys of their factories, nor order e.g. politicians from Brazil to stop further cutting-down Amazonian native jungles. Therefore, when standing by beliefs in the correctness of claims of atheistic science, practically everyone feels completely powerless in matters of prevention of cataclysms. The reason is that claims of official science today are like speeches of present politicians - they shift to others and dissolve the responsibility for committed mischievousness and disallow to establish what should be done to improve our situation.
       But if one believes that the world is ruled by omnipotent God, then the prevention of cataclysms becomes possible end even easy. After all, in the world ruled by God, destructive cataclysms are simply "punishments" which God serves to those who do NOT live according to His requirements. In such a world, every city and every community receives from God exactly whatever it deserved with its own behaviour. (Notice that in the world ruled by God the level of someone's voluntary fulfilment of the requirements imposed on people by God, is called the "morality". Thus, in such a world the arrival of cataclysms is the outcome of "immorality" of inhabitants of a given area treated as a single "group intellect".) So in order to prevent or stop the arrival of cataclysms, in the world ruled by God suffices to just find out which immoral behaviours God punishes with cataclysms, and simply either eliminate these behaviours completely, or change them into more moral which God is willing to accept without serving a "punishment". In other words, in the world ruled by God, whatever hits you is exclusively your own fault. Thus, you cannot pass the responsibility for your disasters onto neighbours or on distant countries, but the improvement of your own situation you must start from yourself.
       The research to-date carried out for the philosophy of totalizm and described in this web page as well as in the page day26.htm, suggests that typically there are two basic reasons for which a cataclysmic phenomenon of nature destroys a given "group intellect". (The "group intellect" is explained e.g. in items #B2 to #B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm. It is defined as "an entity composed of many people and leading its own 'life', and thus subjected to the action of moral mechanisms and laws" - e.g. a city, village, community, nation, country, entire human science, etc.) These reasons include: (a) the lack of the required at least "10 righteous" in this "group intellect", whom would protect it against cataclysms - as this is explained in item #A2.3 from the web page totalizm.htm, and (b) the wrong philosophy (and thus wrong beliefs) which this "group intellect" practices. For example, in case of Christchurch, instead of e.g. attracting and encouraging "righteous" people to settle in that city, inhabitants of this city rather prefer to "repel" them, while attract people who represent reversals of "righteous" and whom later make this city famous for completely wrong reasons. I am aware of two cases when this city clearly "repelled" from itself "righteous" people that could change its fate (instead attracting such people). But it is obvious that these two cases represent a permanent "trend" that prevails in that city. The first case is that of 1999, when in the city was this miraculous revelation that Christchurch is going to be visited by "Second Jesus" - as is described in item #G2 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Instead of helping the city director who was preparing the city for that vital visit, the city preferred to scoff at, and remove this director from his post. The second case is my own attempt to find a job in Christchurch. Namely, starting since the time of my emigration to New Zealand, I personally used to fill at least one job application each year for a post at the Canterbury University in Christchurch. After all, I love this city and I wanted to live in it. But all these my numerous applications (plus also many applications to the Polytechnic in Christchurch and to the Lincoln College) were systematically rejected. This rejection could NOT be based on my qualifications, knowledge, experience, and capabilities, as in these I always excel in comparison to all other candidates - for details see item #E1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm. So they needed to result from my views that were known to members of selection committees, and that are far from atheism and from orthodoxy so dominating that particular university and the city. I do NOT need to explain here, that philosophies and believes that were sources of motives for both above cases of "rejection" from Christchurch of the "righteous" people who could protect the city, were also the reason (b) listed above for which the city is troubled by series of cataclysms.
       After identifying reasons why "group intellects" (including Christchurch and many other cities and communities) are "punished" with cataclysms, the philosophy of totalizm allows to develop several simple ways how to eliminate these reasons. I am going to explain here how works an example of one such way, which applies to Christchurch, but which gives an idea how to develop similar ways for other cities and communities. For Christchurch, the most simple and inexpensive amongst these ways states, that "it suffices to officially invite Jan Pajak to permanently live in Christchurch on the expense of city inhabitants, and the cataclysms will omit this entire destruction area". The work of such an official invitation would boil down to the philosophical effects of procedures of issuing it. These procedures would eliminate both, the reason (a), as well as the reason (b) explained above. The elimination of reason (a) would stem from my (already well known) moral stand which qualifies me as one amongst these "righteous" that would protect Christchurch from cataclysms. In addition, after shifting to Christchurch I would soon surround myself with a group of followers of totalizm, thus complementing the required number of at least "10 righteous" living in the city. After all, the philosophy of totalizm can be considered to be a kind of "generator of righteous" people - as those ones who pedantically practice the "formal totalizm" fulfil simultaneously the demanding definition of "righteous" from the Bible. In turn, the elimination of reason (b) would stem from the sole process of granting me a formal invitation to live in Christchurch on the expense of city. The process of such granting would cause a significant modification of philosophies and beliefs that dominate this city (i.e. the city treated as a single "group intellect"). In turn, such a change of philosophies and beliefs in the city would eliminate the action of the principle applied by God and described in item #A2.2 of the web page named totalizm.htm, to "always affect people with the evidence which is the reflection of beliefs that these people adhere and on the base of which they undertake their actions". In other words, if I really was invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of the city, then the sole process of making this invitation would implement in there the method described in item #A2.2 from the web page totalizm.htm - which would effectively defend the city against "mischief of nature". To the above it is also worth to add, that in my presence quite strange events always happen, which can be described with the name of "silent miracles". The list of examples of these is provided in item #H2 of the web page god_proof.htm. Furthermore, the premises which are described in item #I3.1 of the web page named day26.htm suggest that the "gift" of protection from cataclysms by "10 righteous" probably can be "projected" to a selected single "righteous" person. Thus, if I am invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of this city, then also in there such "silent miracles" would probably start to happen, while all possible cataclysms perhaps would start to omit this city at large distances - as at present all cataclysms omit the town of Petone in which I live. (For the evidence of omissions of Petone by cataclysms - see item #I3 on the web page day26.htm.)
       The method of defence through "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" described above, is fast and effective. So it excellently suits the "crisis situations" - means cases when the philosophy practiced by a given city or community already reached the level of parasitism at which God sends cataclysms. But in present times such situations prevail already in many areas of the world, e.g. in New Zealand they include a significant number of cities, towns and provinces, regularly troubled with droughts, fires, floods, frosts, sows, hurricanes, earthquakes, hooligans, mobs, fights, robberies, etc. In turn in Australia it includes cities and communities from several states regularly affected with droughts, fires, winds, floods, dust storms, tornadoes, locust plagues, etc. I will not elaborate here on the rest of the world, including USA, England, and the continental Europe, where various cataclysms are rampant. Of course, in the applying this method, this "righteous" someone invited to settle on the cost of given community not necessarily must be myself, but can be any active "totalizt" who practices a "formal totalizm" and who fulfils the God's definition of a "righteous" - so precisely explained in the content of the Bible, as well as who additionally is widely known in the world from active promotion of this unorthodox philosophy. After all, in the method described here the invited "righteous" is NOT the one who stops cataclysms. He just acts on the philosophy of local people in a similar way as active "catalysts" act in chemical reactions - i.e. he triggers with his views and his actions the change of philosophies in a given community, while only the effect of this change in philosophy and beliefs causes that cataclysms cease.
       From the formal point of view, the "invitation of an active totalizt to live in Christchurch at cost of the ratepayers" would NOT differ significantly from whatever this city is doing already for many years. After all, Christchurch probably is the only city in the world, which - on the expense of ratepayers, for many years officially employs the so-called "Wizard" - who previously on the central square of this city was performing various "pagan rituals" in order to amuse with them passers-by and tourists. (Now this central square is destroyed.) Thus, if instead of "wizardry" this "Wizard" become famous from practicing the formal version of totalizm, while instead of amusing passers-by with "pagan rituals" he rather tried to impress God by the devotion with which he fights for the right kind of morality, then probably the earthquake from Christchurch would never happen. However, while considering hypothetically a different orientation and philosophy of that "Wizard", it is also worth to ask a question, whether the city of Christchurch would then employ him for the role which he fulfils.
       As the reader can find out this from my autobiography, totalizm still is a persecuted philosophy - similarly like in first centuries of AD persecuted was the Christianity. After all, everything that introduces a significant progress, including totalizm, is persecuted with the so-called "curse of inventors" described in item B4.4 of the web page mozajski_uk.htm. Thus, the majority of "totalizts" hide from their surroundings the fact of practicing this philosophy. But many of them are in contact with me - after all I am the creator of totalizm. Therefore, if someone wishes to get in touch with nearest totalizts, then should turn in this matter to me.
       Of course, totalizm indicates also methods for long-term "prevention" of cataclysms. (These methods are to work more permanently than the above method of fast and short-term removal of the "crisis" caused by cataclysms that already have arrived). The most sure amongst these "preventive" methods recommends to the endangered communities: "include into the syllabuses of your schools and universities three additional subjects, namely the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", the "philosophy of totalizm" and the "philosophy of parasitism" - so that they balance the "atheism" and the "scientific orthodoxy" forced monopolistically in the highly biased current educational systems. In turn, such an inclusion of these subjects will reassure that the new generation in these communities starts to practice the correct philosophy from the very beginning and just by itself is to generate the required number of "righteous" individuals which are to protect these communities from cataclysms.
       At the end I would like to explain "why I am writing here all this, while realistically I know in advance that present atheistic people will NOT implement it, while some amongst them will even scoff at it?" Well, there are three main reasons. (1) At present there are numerous cities and communities in the situation of Christchurch. Thus, on the example of Christchurch this item indicates for all of them, how in a simple and inexpensive way they all can defend themselves against increasingly frequent cataclysms. (2) If, knowing the method of defence, I decided to keep it secret, then the guilt for the consequences would fall on my shoulders. But if other people are informed what they should do to avoid cataclysms, however, at their own responsibility they decide to NOT implement it, then they themselves bear the entire responsibility for whatever is to happen. Furthermore, (3) the above descriptions indicate an obvious evidence for the actual acting on the Earth the reason (b) described here for the appearance of present cataclysms. After all, this reason is the wrong kind of philosophy and beliefs amongst present people, while this item clearly realises that such wrong philosophy and beliefs become already so dominant that they really make impossible the implementation of even so simple and so well documented method of self-defence against cataclysms as the one described here. Thus, this item realises that instead of actually defending themselves against cataclysms, present people prefer to rather act in the way caption under "Fig. #D1" below explains that employees of "Te Papa" acted with "houfeng didongy yi" (i.e. present people prefer to remove from the view and to hide in cellars the evidence which documents that they follow a wrong path).
       I should also add here, that the content of this item #C5.1 was already published on 18 January 2011. (The publishing of it was done simultaneously in two places, namely on the version of this item from that time, as well as in post number #193E from two blogs of totalizm with addresses indicated in item #L2 below.) In turn, when on 23rd of December 2011 also the web page named quake.htm was published - which contains descriptions of "methods of prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms" based on principles of moral mechanisms' work, then this item was repeated in there in item #P5.1, while items #J1 and #J2 in there complemented it with additional information.

#C6.1. Italians finally make their scientists accountable - should the victims from Christchurch also follow the Italian example?

Motto: "If an engineer builds something that is to collapse, or if a medical doctor poisons someone instead of curing - usually they are to land in a jail for it. That's why engineers and doctors are accustomed to practicing a culture of responsibility and seeking the truth. However, if a lack of knowledge or laziness of a professional scientist (whom is paid extremely well for his work), is to result in a number of deaths - typically such a scientist gets away with it. This is because modern professional scientists are accustomed to practicing the complacent avoidance of responsibilities and to the culture of telling nicely sounding untruth instead of unpopular truth."

       YES, there is a first case when "luminaries of science" were held accountable for their lack of knowledge and for avoidance of issuing a clear warning. This case was described in the article [1#C6.1] with a quite misleading title "On trial for not predicting quake", from page A12 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. (The title of this article is quite misleading, as these scientists actually are NOT judged for "not predicting an earthquake" but for the avoidance of disclosing an inconvenient truths and for telling a nicely-sounding untruth instead of unpleasant truth, as well as for practicing the culture of complacency and passivity the outcomes of which became the reason for succumbing numerous people to deaths.) This is the first known to me case of holding scientists accountable by relatives of 309 people killed in the Italian town of L'Aquila when the earthquake of strength 6.3 on the Richter scale occurred in there at night on 6 April 2009. Those relatives organized themselves into an association called "309 martyrs" and placed in the court of all six participants in the panel of scientists, "earthquake experts", as well as one high-ranking government official, who were called to the assessment of hazards that may threaten this city when it was struck by a small band of over 400 earthquakes. At the meeting which evaluated the level of threat, that preceded by six days the murderous earthquake in L'Aquila, this panel of "experts" gave the verdict that, despite this series more than 400 shocks, the city probably is NOT in a danger of the earthquake of a greater force. In spite of that verdict, the city was struck by a powerful earthquake which killed 309 of its inhabitants. Relatives of these earthquake victims say that they are fully aware that NO-ONE today is yet able to predict the day or the hour of the arrival of a murderous earthquake. However, these "experts" coming from the group of the highest paid scientists specializing in the study of earthquakes, still should have sufficient knowledge and sufficient sense of responsibility to at least warn the locals that there is a possibility of the arrival of the earthquake of a greater force, and that therefore the inhabitants of this city are actually "sitting on a bomb". Such a warning would allow the residents of L'Aquila to be on guard and would probably save a lot of people. So in fact the charge relates to the lack of knowing which is contrary to the requirements of the profession of scientists - to which they devoted themselves, and concerns too irresponsible treatment of a highly significant level of threat, the assessment of which these scientists formally (and probably for a high fee) agreed to make for the residents of that city.
       Unfortunately, it so happens that behaviours of the majority of people are still NOT motivated by the so-called "morality" - defined in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm. But rather, most people are guided in their behaviours by the awareness of "how" others evaluate them, and by the knowledge "how" and "for what" other people are going to reward or punish them! Meanwhile, already practiced for a long time traditions of rewarding scientists for avoiding taking responsibility for their claims, and for the telling of nice-sounding untruths instead of inconvenient truths, led to the present corrupt situation of the science. In this situation the high-paid scientists avoid researching and disclosing inconvenient truths, but insist on nicely sounding lies or convenient fictions for which the society rewards them - but that block the progress of the science and the humanity. For example, they complacently insist on fictions of the kind of the "theory of relativity," or on the nonsense and illogical "theory of the big bang" - in spite that about the nonsense and about the progress blocking by both of these theories is already known for sure since 1985, i.e. from the time when it was formally proven the correctness of the so-called Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In the meantime, also these "atheistic orthodox scientists" stubbornly insisted on ridiculing or on ignoring several opportunities to straighten the lies and fallacies of these theories, for example, when experimentally it has been detected that some elementary particles can travel faster than the speed of light (which finding undermines the correctness of the "theory of relativity") - for more details on this subject see the article [2#C6.1] entitled "Did Einstein get it wrong?" from page A21 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, September 24, 2011. Atheistic orthodox scientists also stubbornly propagate such a false claims as that God does NOT exist - in spite of the fact that already is identified an abundance of scientific evidence for the existence of God, and in spite that increasingly more visible becomes the fact that this claim of the science that there is NO God, is only to strengthen its "monopoly for knowledge" by discouraging people to profess views that differ from whatever this science says. No wonder that such an escalation of lies and false or fictitious views by the official science, causes an increase of mistrust towards scientists in people - expressed through e.g. increasingly more frequent publishing of books such as [3#C6.1] by David H. Freedman, "Wrong - why experts keep failing us and how to know when not to trust them", © 2010, HC ISBN 978-0-316-02378-8, 285 pages. (It is worth to notice the citation quoted on the cover of this book [3#C6.1] and stating "no lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you never should trust experts" - Lord Salisbury.)
       As a result of such a corrupting of scientists thorough of what for they are rewarded and punished, in today's scientific community widely spreads the culture of avoiding a responsibility, avoiding of testing and disclosure of uncomfortable truths, and speaking only nice-sounding lies instead of typically bitter and unpleasantly-sounding truths. Changing and eliminating this culture will only become possible when scientists become held accountable for avoiding the disclosure of the truth, and simultaneously when the current "monopoly for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science" become officially broken through the establishment of a competitive towards it, the new "totaliztic science" - as this is explained, amongst others, in item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm or item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm.
       In the light of the above, it therefore a question arises, whether it lies in the interest of justice and social welfare, if relatives of those 181 residents who died in Christchurch on 22 February 2011 - as described in item #C6 of this web page, also organized themselves into an association "181 victims of scientific ignorance and avoidance taking responsibility by scientists", then this organization also followed the example of Italians and also tried to held responsible the "experts" from the area of earthquakes in the local "University of Canterbury". After all, in spite of the warnings that are described in item #C5 above, which make "crystal clear" that to the city of Christchurch is approaching a powerful earthquake, actually these "experts" did nothing to warn the city and to prepare it for an incoming disaster. (Similarly these scientists behaved at the time of writing this item on 25 September 2011 - in spite that it was evident that the earthquake described in item #C6 is NOT an end to "historical lesson" that God granted to the city of Christchurch and to the humanity as a whole.)
       Holding accountable "experts" from Christchurch would also have this consequence, that it would give a good example to other countries. As a result, perhaps finally would be held accountable also those ones guilty of ignoring the duty of issuing warnings for tragedies described in other items of this web site (e.g. described in items #C7 or #C8). This in turn would begin to restore a sense of responsibility to professional "orthodox atheist scientists" who so-far complacently avoid taking any responsibilities for outcomes of their work - as suggested, amongst others, in (9) from item #C2 of the web page named cooking.htm.
       The further fate of this Italian court-case against earthquake "experts", and also descriptions of even more serious problem of the "greed" and almost a criminal irresponsibility of some scientific decision makers, are described in items #R1 to #R7 from a separate web page named quake.htm.

Part #D: Why the humanity did NOT learn yet how to predict nor to remotely detect the impending earthquake:


#D1. Earthquakes detected in advance are less dangerous:

       Seismic activities of our planet are on the increase lately. Every year thousands of people die or loose their most precious possessions only because an earthquake catches them in a dangerous place or during a defenceless sleep. Our present orthodox science is powerless towards earthquakes, because it does not know a principle on which earthquakes could be detected before they strike. The reason is that our only present earthquake detecting instruments, the so-called "seismographs" work on principles of inertia. Therefore, in order for them to indicate an earthquake, they actually need to be shaken by it. Only when they are shaken by an earthquake, their inertial component moves in relationship to the chasse, thus indicating that an earthquake actually took place. But for people this is already too late for an escape. In order to save lives, earthquake detectors must be able to start an alarm a significant time in advance, before a given earthquake strikes. Only then people would be able to escape from a danger zone and salvage their most precious possessions. This web site describes just such an earthquake detector, which warns in advance about an incoming disaster.

Fig. #D1 (K6 in [1/5])

Fig. #D1 (K6 in [1/5]): Remote detector of incoming earthquakes. This extraordinary device is able to rise alarms a long time before earthquakes strike, i.e. sufficiently in advance to allow an effective escape from the danger zone. The descriptions from this web page are to explain the principle of operation and the design of it. It is known presently under a misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", although it does NOT utilise the inertial principles of present seismographs at all. In my opinion, the best reflection of the true operation of this device is still the original ancient Chinese name houfeng didongy yi - meaning the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement".
       The replica of this "houfeng didongy yi" shown above, for a long time was exhibited in New Zealand in the Te Papa museum from Wellington. Between the years 2003 and 2010 I had the pleasure to repetitively view it over there, as well as show it to my overseas visitors. This is the same replica that I studied to work out its hydraulic principle of operation and its ability to remotely detect earthquakes which are still in the stage of brewing up. Descriptions provided on this web page eventuated because of a strange turn of fate, namely that the above instrument happened to appear just a few kilometres from my flat, while I was seeking it in the entire big world, being prepared to even fly to China just to see it in there.
       Unfortunately, I should mention to the interested readers, that the above replica of the "houfeng didongy yi" was already removed from the active exhibition in Te Papa. The rapid removal of it occurred around the time when a nearby city of Christchurch was hit by a powerful earthquake described in item #C5 of this web page. Pity that it is not in my means to establish real reasons for the removal of this device. I am intrigued whether these real reasons were by any chance the "supernatural" behaviours of the device already a few days before the Christchurch earthquake, which disturbed the peace of people who visited (and guarded) the museum, for example the telepathic instigation of the "houfeng didongy yi" into vibrations, the emmission of buzzing sounds, loud ringing of its copper balls falling from dragons' mouths, etc.
       The above "houfeng didongy yi" is not the only highly controversial exhibit removed from the active exhibition in "Te Papa". Another equally controversial exhibit, about the housing of which in Te Papa I am also aware, is the so-called "Colenso's Bell" - means an early Tamil ship's bell probably from Java, which had inscriptions in an extremely ancient version of the Sanskrit alphabet. This bell supposedly was found under roots of an uprooted tree. (In order a tree fell just by itself, it must be very old - e.g. the New Zealand trees "totara" fell by themselves after at least one thousand years.) This in turn may suggest, that the bell arrived to New Zealand a long time before the arrival of Maoris - especially that similar letters as these on it were supposedly found on primeval drawings from one of caves, as well as in a plate from wreck of a strange ship found on "Ruapuke Beach" located between Raglan and Kawhia. Thus, the exhibition of this bell would probably be a visual contradiction of official claims, that Maoris were supposedly the first discoverers and settlers (and thus also first owners) of New Zealand. The "Colenso's Bell" is described and illustrated in many books about curiosities of New Zealand, e.g. on pages 88-91 of the book [1#D1] by Nicola McCloy, "New Zealand mysteries" (Whitcoulls, 2005, ISBN 1-877327-36-0), or on pages 20-23 of the book [2#D1] by Robyn Jenkin, "New Zealand mysteries", A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington 1970, ISBN 0-589-00494-8. Descriptions of this bell can also be found e.g. in the search engine, where one can see its illustrations as well after typing key words Tamil Bell Colenso's.
       Because tornadoes and hurricanes release similar telepathic phenomena as earthquakes, the above instrument is also able to remotely detect approaching tornadoes and hurricanes. For more information about the use of this device for remote detection of hurricanes and tornadoes - see separate web page named hurricane.htm.
* * *
       (Note that you can see the enlargement of each illustration or photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration or photograph. Furthermore, a majority of browsers currently in use, including into this the popular "Internet Explorer", allows to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.)

#D2. Close-minded thinking of present scientists:

       The earthquake which is just brewing up sends into the world a warning about itself. This warning takes the shape of so-called "telepathic waves" described more widely on the totaliztic web page telepathy.htm. Unfortunately, present scientists do NOT want to acknowledge, that such telepathic waves do exist at all. In turn without recognising and researching them, the precise prediction of the impending earthquakes is impossible.

Part #E: The Zhang Heng seismograph which allows to predict and remotely detect earthquakes that are just brewing up:


#E1. Ancient "chi" (i.e. "telepathic waves") provide a principle for an early detection of incoming earthquakes:

       Ancient Chinese mastered an exceptional knowledge of phenomena they called "chi". (This phenomena is also known in other cultures. For example Japanese call it "reiki", Indians call it "vril", Europeans call it "energy of pyramids", while Australians and New Zealanders call it "vibes".) Chinese knowledge of this "chi" was on such an advanced level, that even today people constantly draw from it. To be worse, present orthodox science still has not established yet, and shows no slightest interest in establishing, what this "chi" actually is. Therefore at the moment our only knowledge of "chi" originates from ancient Chinese manuscripts. Fortunately, I completed my own research on "chi". Some of my conclusions are described in subsections H2 and H7.1 from volume 4 of my monograph marked [1/5], a copy of which is downloadable free of charge via green links provided in the text, or via "menus" located on the lkeft margin from this web page (for such downloading, simply click in a menu at "Text [1/5]"). According to my findings, the term "chi" was used by ancient Chinese for describing an entire body of different phenomena that occur in the counter-world. (Note that the name "counter-world" is assigned to a separate set of dimensions that do exist at the other end of the gravity dipole - as this is formally proven in subsection H1.1 from volume 4 of [1/5].) These phenomena include, amongst others, phenomena which in monograph [1/5] are described with such terms as: telepathic waves (see subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]), moral energy (see subsection I4.3 in [1/5]), life energy (see subsection I5.6 in [1/5]), and the thinking substance called counter-matter (see subsection I2 in [1/5]). Out of these different components of "chi", the most interesting from the point of view of earthquakes are "telepathic waves". The reason is that telepathic waves are actually equivalents to sounds, only that they propagate in the counter-world. As such, they are produced continually by every object and by every process. But their tone, and thus also the message that they carry in themselves, depends on the process to which a given object is subjected. Therefore, when an earthquake begins, these telepathic "sounds" are spreading a very unique "noise" which actually is telling to everyone who listens, that an earthquake is just brewing up and that it is to strike soon. So far only animals and very special people called "psychic" were able to intercept naturally with their minds this telepathic message from an incoming earthquake. It is about a time we re-build with our present technology an ancient technical device which was also able to do so in a technical manner. Fig. #E1. Here are examples which illustrate the unique shape of a "parabolic antenna chamber" assumed by the device now misleadingly called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" (although this instrument does not utilise principles of present inertial seismographs):

Fig. #E1a

Fig. #E1a: This is probably the most accurate replica reflecting the external appearance of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". It gives quite a good idea as to how this instrument really used to look like. For example it shows that originally only dragons' heads were attached to the "antenna chamber", not entire dragons as this is shown on other replicas. (In my opinion entire dragons attached to the "antenna chamber" may actually distort the proper reception of telepathic warning signals, means "chi"). The only discrepancy in the above replica concerns the uppermost part - originally it was dome-shaped and had no flange shown in the above replica. In 2003 this replica was presented on following web pages: or I encourage to have a look at any one of them, or both.

Fig. #E1b.

Fig. #E1b: An old drawing of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". In 2003 it was presented in the article by Sara Rhodes, "Chinese Contribution", available from the web site (have a look at this interesting article). Notice from the shape of the "antenna chamber" how perfectly this shape is suiting the focusing of telepathic waves reflected from walls of the chamber on inlets of water to mouths of dragons.

Fig. #E1c.

Fig. #E1c: Still another old replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", which also very well reflects the parabolic shape of the "antenna chamber". In 2003 it was shown on the web page of Albertson College of Idaho, USA. You can visit the interesting web page of this college under the address: (have a look at it).

Fig. #E1d.

Fig. #E1d: Sensational ancient "artefact" shaped as a replica of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". The pattern on this replica seems to indicate that it may originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC). If this origins would turn to be true, then it could mean, that the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" could even be over 1000 years older than it is currently believed. Unfortunately, many details of this "artefact" seems to indicate, that it is just one of these skilful fabrications prepared in present times.
       Several ancient artefacts known by the author of this web page, the operation of which is still ahead of the current level of official human science (including three artefacts of the telepathic devices that still remain unknown to the official science) are discussed on a separate web page named artefact.htm. The shown above, probably fabricated (although modelled on the ancient telepathic device that actually did exist) the artefact (1) of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph", is just one amongst many other known to the author, highly advanced scientifically (although very simple in production) technical devices from the antiquity. That separate web page named "artefact.htm" discusses also (2) the authentically originating from medieval times the artefact of a "telepathic telephone" that the reader can see for himself in the old church of St. Mary in Gdansk, Poland. That web page named "artefact.htm", also discusses (3) a kind of artefact of the "great pyramid of Cheops from Egypt", all the details of which indicate, that the pyramid in antiquity was working as an ancient device which allowed the telepathic exchange of thoughts at interstellar distances. This ability of the Cheops' pyramid, to allow the telepathic exchange of thoughts at interstellar distances, stems from the high similarity of its design and of its internal structure, to the configuration and operation of the electronic so-called "telepathic pyramid" - relatively recently transferred to the humanity as a "gift" by an UFOnaut, and described in detail in treatise [7/2] (briefly that "telepathic pyramid" is also discussed, amongst others, in items #E1 to #E3.2 from the web page named telepathy.htm).

       That totaliztic page named artefact.htm discusses also a number of other ancient artefacts and technical devices, which significantly exceed the present level of knowledge and technology on Earth. For example, it discusses also the Biblical "Ark of the Covenant" - and documents a body of evidence that this "Ark" was in fact the ancient equivalent to the today's Oscillatory Chamber. That web page also provides contacts for Mr Keewee Tan Email: - who owns the shown above controversial artefact of the replica of "Zhang Heng Seismograph", and it reveals more detailed information about this replica. I would therefore encourage the reader to have a look on that web page.

#E2. What are "telepathic waves" (ancient "chi"):

       Behaviour and attributes of telepathic waves are described by a discipline of knowledge of ancient Chinese, called "feng shui" (see subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]), or "hou feng". Actually "feng shui", or "hou feng", is simply a body of knowledge which summarises natural laws that govern the deflection, concentration, screening, and medical impact of telepathic waves. The most interesting attribute of "telepathic waves" is, that an extremely powerful burst of these waves is emitted by epicentre of every earthquake just when this earthquake is about to happen. Therefore this burst of telepathic waves can be utilised as a principle of early detection of earthquakes. It can provide an advanced warning about these earthquakes, a long time before they strike. This principle is actually used in the alarming device that I am describing on this web page. Because our orthodox science does not explain what are these telepathic waves (or "houfeng"), I better summarise here some basic information about them. But for a complete understanding what they are, I would recommend to read chapter H from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. This volume describes a scientific theory called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", which provides theoretical foundations for understanding phenomena such as telepathic waves, telekinesis, time, energy, gravity, etc. Especially I would recommend to read subsection H7.1 in [1/5] which directly explains what telepathic waves are. However, to understand fully that subsection H7.1, one firstly needs to read the beginning of chapter H of [1/5] - up to subsection H3.) For the purpose of the device described on this web page, it is sufficient to take my word for it, that the telepathic waves can be explained as a kind of counter-material waves similar to sound, which: (1) propagate infinitively fast, (2) every object is transparent for them, therefore they penetrate easily through even such huge objects as Earth or Sun, (3) are partially deflected by every surface, (4) are constantly emitted by every phenomena and every object, and thus carry in themselves a complete information about this phenomena or object, and (5) can be intercepted and decoded by plants, animals, people, and also technical devices.

Fig. #E2

Fig. #E2. A spectacular replica from Taiwan of the instrument wrongly named the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". (Reproduced and hyperlinked by the kind permission from the Ministry of Education Computer Centre dated 3 Nov 2003, authorised by Yenchen Lin, Centre Engineer, This replica is on the exhibition in the famous "National Museum of Natural Science", in Tai Chung (Taiwan). In 2003 the above photograph could be found on the web site showing various exhibits from that museum, which has the internet address: Have a look at this web page, because it shows the details of the dragons' mouths with "pearls" in them. It also shows a technical drawing of the "inertial" mechanism that according to some scientists triggered the fall of these "pearls". (Please notice, that this web page disagree with such opinions and explains that this device did NOT work on principles of inertia.)

#E3. A "houfeng didongy yi" working on "chi":

       Actually there was a "seismograph" already build and operated in ancient China, which utilised "chi" for the detection of earthquakes long in advance before they strike. The principle of this "seismograph" was so designed, that it reacted on the burst of powerful telepathic waves ("chi") that is produced by epicentre of every earthquake just before this earthquake is to strike. This wonder ancient device, which detects incoming earthquakes in advance and raises early alarms, is shown in "Fig. #D1". It was build in 132 AD by a Chinese genius mathematician and astronomer, named Zhang Heng. Therefore presently it is known by a trivial and very misleading English name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". But the original Chinese name for it was much more meaningful. It read "houfeng didongy yi", which usually is translated as "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". Notice however, that the segment "hou-feng" of this name specifically refers to telepathic waves. This segment actually indicates that the movements of Chinese "chi" was detected by this device. Unfortunately, in present days the Chinese term "hou-feng" is erroneously translated as "winds", while it should be translated as "chi" or even better as "telepathic waves". Thus this ancient Chinese name of the device directly highlights that it operated on telepathic waves (i.e. on "houfeng"), not on forces of inertia. Descriptions of this wonder device can be found in internet if the key words "Zhang Heng seismograph" are being typed for key words of a search engine. A half-size replica of this device made of copper was given to New Zealand by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. Probably the gift took into account that New Zealand is frequently plagued by earthquakes. This replica is around 1.5 metre tall, while the widest diameter of its barrel-shaped chamber is almost 1 metre. It weighs full 600 kg. In 2003, 2004, and 2005 this replica was on the exhibition for public viewing in the museum named Te Papa (means "Our Place" in the Maori language), which is located in Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand, only a few kilometres from the flat that I occupied since 2001 till now. This replica is shown on the photograph from "Fig. #D1".

Fig. #E3

Fig. #E3: There is a Hong Kong based company named "Sinopro International Ltd.", which actually produces replicas of this seismograph for interested clients. The above photograph shows two replicas of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", which were produced by this company and installed in the Sheraton Hotel in Chengdu, China. These replicas, and other ones produced by "Sinpro", can be seen on the web site of this company, which has the internet address The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Wayne Thompson, Sinopro (

#E4. The life history of Zhang Heng is quite extraordinary:

       Zhang Heng (sometimes also spelled "Chang Heng") lived from 72 AD to 139 AD, during reign of the Eastern Han dynasty. The most of his life he spend in the capitol city Luoyang (present Nanyang city) of Henan province of China. In the last stage of his life he used to be even the Minister in charge of historical records for the Emperor, although it is known that he turned down many important posts that were offered to him. To our present understanding, he was an extraordinary person. Although his official occupation was mathematics and astronomy, his real interests were in morality, philosophy, and mysteries. (Means, he was like an ancient version of myself - Dr Jan Pajak.) He wrote descriptions, which reveal that in our present terminology he could be called an "aware UFO abductee". For example, he described his own travel through cosmos, other planets, and cosmic landscapes, thus suggesting that he actually could have seen and remembered them. (E.g. he wrote "Heaven is like an umbrella, earth like an upturned dish", or "I looked back and saw the sun and the moon revolving".) In 132 AD he build a seismograph discussed here. This device was one of the technical wonders of our planet. Even today it foreruns the state of present orthodox science and technology by at least 100 years. But no technical documentation of his device survived until today. I personally believe that such design documentation existed, but was later purposely destroyed. Fortunately for us, those who destroyed this documentation, overlooked a single short section of laymen descriptions as to how his device looked like, and what were outcomes of the operation of it. This description is recorded in Zhang Heng's biography from the "Hou Han shu" - meaning the "History of the Later Han Dynasty". His seismograph was so sensitive, that it detected an earthquake which on 1 March 138 AD destroyed the city of Longxi from western Gansu Province. This city was distant by about 500 kilometres from the device. The physical shockwave from this earthquake was undetectable in Luoyang - this is why Zhang Heng was initially accused of being a liar, while his device was suspected of being a fraud. Fortunately two days later horseback messengers with news of this earthquake arrived to Luoyang, thus confirming the correct and highly sensitive operation of the device.
       After Zhang Heng died in 139 AD, there was no one who could maintain and "fine tune" this device. So it fell into misuse and soon stopped to work. Subsequently it was shifted to the graveyard of Zhang Heng in Luoyang, Henan Province. It remained in the Zhang Heng grave until it was destroyed some time later. It was firstly reconstructed by a Japanese scholar in 1875. In 1951 a Chinese researcher, Mr Wang Zhenduo reconstructed it again according to inertial model which in his opinion this device utilised in operation. His replica of the device was later exhibited for public view in museum of technology Van Tien in Beijing. Further replicas were also made. The copy of this device given to Te Papa museum in New Zealand is said to be the first instance of a Chinese-made replica being exhibited overseas.

Fig. #E4.

Fig. #E4: Zhang Heng - genius mathematician and astronomer from China. The above image originates from the article by Shi Ke, entitled "The Universe Unlimited in Both Space and Time" which in 2003 was available on the web page (have a look at this extremely interesting article, if you are able to access it).

Part #F: My research on the "Zhang Heng Seismograph":


#F1. I have researched privately the "houfeng didongy yi" since 1993:

       I learned about the existence and operation of this wonder device in 1993, from my Chinese friends living in Malaysia. This happened soon after I took my professorial position at the Malaya University in Kuala Lumpur. Since that time I sporadically managed to collect various sparse information which were available on this device. This allowed me to study principles of operation that this device utilises. However, I managed to photograph and to fully describe this device only in 2003, when I accidentally stepped on it in Wellington, New Zealand. In order to see this unique device in action, to investigate it, and to photograph it, at some stage I even intended to privately fly to China. Unfortunately I was prevented from undertaking such a trip by the lack of address of the location in which the original of this device could be seen. Now I know that the reason why it was so difficult to establish this address, is simply that the original device was destroyed a long time ago. So I delayed this trip because I had insufficient funds to seek this location only after I arrive to China. But as it can be seen, "since Mohammed could not come to the mountain, the mountain come to Mohammed". (Or, should I say: "since Pajak could not come to the seismograph, the seismograph come to Pajak".) In March 2003 unexpectedly for myself, and just by a pure chance, I found this device in the museum Te Papa in Wellington, means in city in which I lived then. Of course, I immediately photographed it and subjected to detailed operational analysis. By the end of October 2003 I already had the real operation of this device worked out, and described in the content of subsection K6.1 from monograph [1/5] (a free copy of which is available via this web page). Highly useful for this working out turned out to be my previous knowledge that I accumulated about the operation of this device. This is because in the exhibition from Wellington only a misleading explanation for the operation of this device is provided. This explanation bases exclusively on the application of forces of inertia. For example, in order to support this inertial explanation, such a key information regarding this device was conveniently not mentioned, as that it actually is a fountain. On the other hand, the absolutely vital condition of the real operation of this device explained below, is that the telepathically modulated streams of water must flow through mouths of eight dragons. This means that the device could not work without water, and that this convenient "not mentioning" about water, distorts completely our understanding of the principles of operation that the device applies.

Fig. #F1 (G1 in [4b])

Fig. #F1 (G1 in [4b]): This is myself, Dr Jan Pajak. The working out of true principles of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi" is one of my scientific accomplishments. I started my research on this extraordinary device in 1993. By 2003 I had worked out the true principle of operation of it. Starting from 2003, until today, I unsuccessfully seek a workplace and a research laboratory, where I could construct a working prototype of this wonder instrument which is capable of saving countless lives - for more details see item #I1 od this web page.

#F2. Device's shape and mutual cooperation of components:

       The earthquake alarming device discussed here takes a shape of a fountain. In this fountain water that flows out of it, is firstly gathered and calmed down in an axially-symmetrical "antenna chamber" cast of the finest bronze and shaped like a barrel, or a vast wine vat (jar), with a domed lid. The chamber's widest diameter is eight ancient Chinese feet, means around 1.9 meter. It is almost 3 meters tall. Water inside of the chamber is intercepted by inlets of eight "outgoing pipes". These inlets surround the vertical axis of the device. Then water flows by these pipes into eight stylised "dragon mouths" located around the largest peripheral of the barrel. In order to minimise friction and increase the reliability of this device, interior of the mouth of each dragon is gold-plated. In mouth of each dragon a loose metal "pearl" is placed. I repeat here the name "pearl", because the original Chinese mythology states, that dragons like to carry pearls in their mouths. Therefore these "metal spheres" that are placed in mouths of eight dragons from the device discussed here, by Chinese are called "pearls". But practically these are just ordinary balls made of metal resistant to corrosion - according to my information originally made of a gold-plated bronze. After washing these "pearls" around, water flows out of dragons' mouths and arches down to open mouths of bronze "ringing frogs" located under each dragon. These frogs are so designed, that practically they act as bronze bells. So if onto any of them a "pearl" falls from dragon's mouth above, this frog produces a loud sound of bell ringing. This sound of bell is sufficiently loud and clear, that it attracts attention of all people around, and initiates an alarm. According to historic records, the sound of dropping ball was loud enough to wake the Emperors' entire household, alerting them to the incoming earthquake. Because the alarm is always initiated in advance, it gave time advantage to everyone to escape from the danger zone. However, in normal cases these "pearls" are staying in mouths of dragons and do not make any noise. In order to regulate precisely the force that is necessary for water to pull a given "pearl" from the dragon's mouth, the degree of closing and slanting of this mouth is subjected to the "fine tuning" via a system of "tuning leavers" controlled with the vertical rod placed in the centre of the chamber. Therefore only when an actual earthquake approaches, this one "pearl" which is located on the side of the incoming earthquake, falls down from the dragon's mouth to mouth of a frog, and rings loudly for alarm. After starting the alarm, the stream of water pointing into the direction of an incoming earthquake keeps a turbulent flow and shoots at a distance larger than usual. By judging the distance at which it shoots, and the intensity of turbulence of the flow, the destructive power of an incoming earthquake can easily be estimated. Also the tuning leavers of the dragons' mouths allows to regulate the device exactly, so that only earthquakes above a specific threshold power are able to trigger the required alarm.

Fig. #F2.

Fig. #F2: A technical drawing which shows the claimed design of seismograph's inertial mechanism. (Note, however, that no working prototype that applies this "inertial principle" was ever constructed. Thus the above design is purely hypothetical and never proven to work in practice.) Internal details are visible. In 2003 this design is presented and described on the web page The above page is really worth having a look at. For example it shows also the cemetery on which the "Zhang Heng seismograph" took the last rest.

#F3. Principle of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi":

       The principle of operation of the earthquake alarming device discussed here is based on the capability of the barrel-shaped "antenna chamber" of this fountain to reflect and to focus telepathic waves. Each earthquake induces a powerful burst of telepathic waves of a high amplitude. These waves with infinitive speed propagate concentrically along straight lines radiating from the epicentre of the earthquake. They arrive instantly to every point on earth, to which the slow waving of the ground that originates from this earthquake is gong to arrive only after some time. Thus the telepathic waves arrive significantly in advance to the areas which a bit later are going to be destroyed by a given earthquake. Amongst others, these telepathic waves also penetrate through the barrel-shaped "antenna chamber" of the fountain. A part of them is deflected from the inner surface of the barrel, similarly like waves of light reflect from a concave mirror. Because of the barrel-shaped cavity of the fountain, and also because of the appropriate location of holes in pipes through which water is pouring out to mouths of dragons, these deflected telepathic waves are focused just on the water that enters mouth of a selected dragon. After it is focused on this water that flows out, these waves change character of the flow. In normal case, water flows through mouths of dragons in a manner that the discipline of hydromechanics describes as a "laminar flow". This flow is only possible when water in a given dish is stationary, and when it flows out in a manner completely undisturbed. The laminar flow is characterised by a very low coefficient of friction, and thus also by a low drag of the flowing water. So this water is unable to drag with itself, and to throw out, these "pearls" that it washes in dragons' mouths. But if a powerful burst of telepathic waves is focused on a given outlet of water, these waves change the character of the flow of water. From a "laminar flow", this water transforms into a "turbulent flow". The discipline of hydromechanics states, that a turbulent flow is characterised by a very high coefficient of friction, and thus also by a high drag. So water which displays such a turbulent flow and flows around a given "pearl", drags this "pearl" with it, and throws this pearl into the mouth of a frog located below. Via such mechanism of changes in character of the water's flow, modulated by telepathic waves focused by the parabolic "antenna chamber" of this fountain, the fountain effectively performs functions of an anti-earthquake alarming device.

Fig. #F3.

Fig. #F3: A spectacular replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". In 2003 it was shown on the internet web page with the following address: (have a look at it). It illustrates quite well how beautifully looked the original fountain with this instrument, and why this instrument was an ornament and a pride of the palace of Chinese Emperor of that time.

#F4. Erroneous inertial explanation of the operation of this device:

       The above explanation of the real principle of operation of this device, must also be complemented with the information, that only one such device was ever build by Zhang Heng. Soon after his death in 139 AD the device stopped to work. Some time later it was shifted to his tomb. Finally it was destroyed when Mongols overran China. Also blueprints for the original design of this device have disappeared. The only information about it that survived until our times are descriptions and external drawings done by laymen who saw it in operation. So presently we are facing a challenge of reinventing this wonder device from a very beginning. Starting from 19th century, on the basis of these inept descriptions, various people tried to reconstruct this wonder device (or, more strictly, reinvent it from the scratch). One of them was an Englishman named Dr John Milne, who himself was an inventor and builder of an inertial seismograph. He suggested that the Zhang Heng's device works on inertia forces, means very similar to his own inertial seismograph. Most probably Dr Milne took control rods which are used for steering the degree of opening and slanting of dragons' mouths, for rods which mechanically release the drop of "pearls". Dr Milne's ideas were later followed by others, in this way reinforcing the inertial explanation for this device, and disseminating this explanation throughout the world. In 1951 Mr Wang Zhenduo reconstructed the general appearance of this device just on this assumption that it works on principles of inertia forces. Unfortunately for us, he has NOT even attempted to make a working prototype of this device to prove that it actually would work. This failure of producing a working prototype caused that a faulty mechanical design, which has no chances for working in practice, is now disseminated throughout the world as the correct one. Since that time all "look-like" replicas of this device, including the one that is exhibited in New Zealand, are reconstructed according to the wrong Wang Zhenduo's inertial model (or Dr John Milne's inertial principles). Unfortunately, this wrong inertial explanation of present orthodox scientists does not reveal the true capabilities of this wonder device. In addition it introduces a lot of confusion. Therefore, for the scientific exactitude it must be stressed here, that no inertial replica of this device was ever make to work in practice. On the other hand, historic records confirm that the real device actually worked. Combining these two facts together we must conclude, that the inertial explanation for the operation of this device is erroneous.

Fig. #F4.

Fig. #F4: This is the tomb of Zhang Heng. It is located in the Henan province of China. Into this tomb the "houfeng didongy yi" was shifted soon after his death. Also it was here that the seismograph was finally destroyed during the invasion of Mongols on China. The above photo, together with other tourist information about this historic and worth-seeing place, in 2003 used to be displayed on a web page on Henan which used to exist under the internet address (unfortunately, it disappeared by 2005).

#F5. Why "houfeng didongy yi" could not work on inertia:

       Why "Zhang Heng seismograph" could not work on inertia. Actually there is a wealth of evidence which clearly indicates that the telepathic earthquake detector discussed here operated on the principle of "chi" (means "telepathic waves") not inertia, and thus that the current inertial explanation of this operation by orthodox science is totally wrong. Let us list here the most important items of such evidence:
      #i. The shape. It is extremely difficult and very expensive to form the parabolic mirror shape that the "antenna chamber" of this earthquake detector displays. After all, the cross section through this chamber follows a precise parabolic curve of cross sections through present TV satellite dishes. Much easier and cheaper would be to form this chamber just as a plain cylinder, or even as a square box. Of course, for inertial seismograph the cylinder shape with straight vertical walls, or even a square box shape, would suffice for a chasse to protect mechanism inside. (Even easier would be to build this device completely without any chamber and water - means in a manner as this is done with our modern inertial seismographs.) But for a telepathic detector the shape must be just as it is shown in Figure #D1 here or in Figure K6 from monograph [1/5]. This is because the interior of the chamber must work as a concave mirror, which focuses telepathic waves onto inlets to pipes that flow water to dragons' mouths.
      #ii. Work as a fountain. If this device works just on principle of inertia, then water inside of it would only create problems. So for an inertial operation, it would not need to be build as a fountain. This is why present inertial explanations conveniently "forget" to even mention water and the work of this device as a fountain. But water and the operation as a fountain is absolutely necessary for the interception of telepathic waves.
      #iii. The out-flowing water intake at the central axis of this fountain. As this is indicated by old Chinese illustrations, water which was flowing out from mouths of subsequent dragons, was supplied to these mouths with long pipes the inlets to which were placed just by the central vertical axis of the device. Of course, from the technical point of view such design would make no sense unless it was dictated by the principle of operation of this device. After all, mouths of dragons were attached to side walls of the "antenna chamber" in which this water was accumulated. So in order to supply water to these mouths, it was enough to make holes in these walls and no long supply pipes were needed. But these pipes become absolutely necessary if the device works on telepathic waves ("chi"). Then these waves are focused on the central axis of the device. Means that in order to intercept water which was modulated by these telepathic waves, it is necessary to use such long pipes that run radial outwards from the central axis of the device towards mouths of subsequent dragons.
      #iv. The location of mouths of dragons approximately half-height of the "antenna chamber". Such height of their location makes no sense neither from the point of view of the operation of this device as an inertial seismograph, nor operation as a fountain. Namely in order to maximise the sensitivity of triggering the leavers in case this device works as an inertial seismograph with the "standing" positioning of the inertial pendulum, the mouths of dragons should be located near the top of the "antenna chamber". Such their location would also make all control and maintenance activities on the triggering mechanism much easier, as this would enable a free access of the maintenance people to these mechanisms. In turn if this device is a fountain with an inertial mechanism inside, then the outflow of water would be most powerful if the mouths of dragons are located by the basis of the device, while the pendulum is placed in the "hanging" position suspended at the top of the "antenna chamber". After all, placing the mouths of dragons at half-height of the "antenna chamber" causes only, that for the fountain a lower half of this chamber remains a dead space completely unused for the increase of pressure of out-flowing water. In case, however, when this device works on "chi", then the placement of mouths of dragons at half-height of this chamber makes a perfect sense. After all, then the walls of the "antenna chamber" are performing the function of concave parabolic mirrors, which focus telepathic waves just around a half-height of this chamber. So it is there where inlets to pipes that intercept water modulated by these waves must be placed.
      #v. "Chi". The ancient Chinese name of this device includes the word "houfeng". This clearly indicates that "chi" (means "telepathic waves") were intentionally acknowledged as being utilised in the operation of this device. Also Zhang Heng himself was actually more familiar with properties of telepathic waves than with inertial forces and vibrations. After all, there is a wealth of written evidence that during his times telepathic waves were well known as components of "chi". But there is almost no evidence that people of his times were familiar with inertia forces and with mechanical vibrations to the extend that is needed to build an inertial seismograph. Therefore, for him was much more feasible to utilise "chi" in the operation of his device, than to utilise forces of "inertia" and mechanical vibrations of the ground.
      #vi. The symmetry. Mechanical vibrations are always symmetrical. So if one considers the operation of present inertial seismographs, their inertial component always makes symmetrical oscillations in relationship to their chasse. This is excellently shown in present seismograms, in which the line being drawn always deflects symmetrically in both directions from the equilibrium position. This means that if the inertial component slants by value "x" in one direction, it then also slants by almost the same value "-x" in an opposite direction. In case if the earthquake detector discussed here works on the inertial principle, such symmetrical slanting would also need to appear. Practically this means, that after a shockwave arrived to the device, two balls from two opposite sides of the device should fall down, not just one. The first ball would fall down when the earthquake's shockwaves slant the inertial component into one direction, while the ball on the opposite side would fall when the inertial component would symmetrically swing into an opposite direction. In turn the operation of this device on principles of "chi" (means "telepathic waves") - as described before, would cause only a single ball to fall down from a single dragon mouth. And actually historic records clearly indicate, that always only one ball was falling down. This confirms that the device surely worked on principles of telepathic waves, and thus it always throw down only a single ball.
      #vii. Audio alarm. The "Zhang Heng seismograph" was producing audio alarm - this is why it used the bronze frogs which emitted a loud sound of like bell ringing. But if this device works on inertia, it would produce an alarm only when a given earthquake shook it. Of course, in such a case the sonic alarm would make no sense, because it would be accompanied by well visible manifestations and sounds of an earthquake, such as collapsing of buildings, falling down and shifting of furniture, detaching and falling down of hanging objects, wobbling of floor and ceiling, etc. So the only justification for the use of audio alarm was, that this alarm was raised a significant time before a given earthquake strikes. This means that the device must operate on principles of "chi".
      #viii. Sensitivity. As historic sources document this, original "Zhang Heng seismograph" was very sensitive. Actually it detected earthquakes, the epicentre of which was distant by around 500 kilometres, while the tremors of which were undetectable for people. In turn the principle of operation of present inertial replicas is so formulated, that in order for them to work, an earthquake would need to have an epicentre just under them, while tremors would need to be so powerful that heads of dragons would fall off from them. Actually until writing this paragraph near half of November 2003, I managed to establish the location and details for around 10 apparently "exact" inertial replicas of this device held in various museums and institutions of the world. But so far I have not discovered even a single one such an inertial device which would actually work in practice and really indicate earthquakes, although about all of these replicas it is claimed that they are "accurate" copies of the original device. All the existing replicas of this device are only ornamental copies which try to imitate the external appearance of this device, and which claim, that have a working inertial mechanism inside of them. But none of these inertial replicas actually works. On the basis of my knowledge of the principle of operation of the inertial lever mechanism proposed for this device, I am personally convinced, that it is NOT possible for this mechanism to be enough sensitive to detect an earthquake which is not noticeable for people. We also must remember, that the sensitivity of such a lever mechanism would be additionally decreased due to the work in water, and thus due to a fast progress of corrosion in joints of levers
      To summarise the above, an inertial explanation for the operation of this telepathic device is totally wrong. It only devaluates and puts down the real value of this extraordinary telepathic instrument. The true explanation for this device is hidden in the utilisation of telepathic waves stemming from the knowledge of "chi" ("houfeng") by ancient Chinese.

Fig. #F5.

Fig. #F5: A full-size replica of the "houfeng didongy yi". Notice that it is around 3 meters high. It is probably the only replica which clearly illustrates to onlookers that the instrument was actually a fountain. Other replicas do not emphasize the contribution of flowing water to the operation of this unique device. In 2003 this interesting replica is shown on the web page This page is worth having a look at. It shows a good photographic record relating to this device and to Zhang Heng himself.

#F6. The "houfeng didongy yi" foreruns present orthodox science by at least 100 years:

       Although present orthodox science is so proud of its accomplishments, actually the alarming device described above build in 132 AD, foreruns it in the technical advancement by at least further 100 years. This number of 100 years results from my estimations, that the present orthodox science needs at least further 50 years in order to accept the existence of telepathic waves. Then it needs further at least 30 years to learn these waves sufficiently, to develop methods of their technical utilisation. Finally it still needs at least around 20 further years to design, test, and fine tune a technical device similar to that described above.
       But the good news is, that this lengthily process could be cut short to only around 5 to 10 years, if we right now accept the fact that the "Zhang Heng seismograph" actually worked on telepathic waves ("houfeng"), and simply start our learning of technical telepathy from constructing a modern equivalent for this wonder of ancient technology.

Fig. #F6.

Fig. #F6: A replica of the "houfeng didongy yi" which was exhibited in Canada on the exhibition entitled "China! 7000 Years of Innovation" at Vancouver's Science World. The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Kim M. Fong (, from the web page (It is worth to have a look at this interesting page!)

Part #G: The confirmation of the correctness of the principle of operation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" which I developed:


#G1. The experiment which proves the feasibility of principles of operation utilised by the "houfeng didongy yi":

       The correctness of every principle of operation utilised in a given technical device always can be verified by an appropriately designed, simplified scientific experiment. Therefore, it is also possible to develop a simplified scientific experiment, which demonstrates the correctness of principles of operation described on this web page. Let us learn now how to carry out such an experiment.
       The main components of the research station required for completing this experiment are shown and explained on the illustration "Fig. #G1" shown here.
       The main part of the experiment presented here is aimed at proving the thesis that "the energy contained in a telepathic signal which is concentrated on a stream of flowing water is changing attributes of the flow of this water". Thus this part of the experiment is proving illustratively that the "houfeng didongy yi" is going to operate exactly as descriptions presented on this web page are stating this. This part of the experiment is carried out after previous removal of the screen (H). In the first phase, the experiment depends on filling the aquarium (A) with water and allowing that this water is flowing out through the pipe (P) in the form of a "laminar flow" (W). The source of telepathic waves (O) is switched off in this phase. We try to either memorise or to photograph attributes of this laminar flow of water (W) through the pipe (P). In the second phase of the experiment, the source of telepathic waves (O) is switched on. Namely the powerful sparks are induced on the electrodes (S). Telepathic waves (O) generated by these sparks (S) are then focused by the concave hemispherical mirror (M) on inlet to the pipe (P). In the result of this focusing, the energy contained in telepathic waves (O) is changing the character of the flow of stream of water (W). From the previous stationary "laminar flow", this water changes now the behaviour into a "turbulent flow". The stream of water (W) now is bubbling out and shooting unevenly, in tact of sparks (S). The sole observation of changes in the character of the flow of this water constitutes a proof that the principles of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi" are correct and feasible. But if someone does not believe into visual signs, he/she can place on the path of the water a "pearl" positioned in the "labile balance", i.e. similarly as it is done in the instrument discussed on this web page. During a "turbulent flow" of water this "pearl" is going to be put out of balance by the stream of flowing water.
       The additional advantage of the scientific experiment discussed here is that it also allows to prove another thesis, namely that the "rays which change the character of the flow of water are NOT composed of electromagnetic radiation, but represent telepathic waves". To prove this it is enough to place a steel screen (H) across the path of rays (O). (Note that this screen (H) was removed during the main part of this experiment.) If the radiation (O) penetrates through this steel screen (H) and causes the same effect on the flow of water (W) as the one that is observed without the screen, this means that the considered radiation does NOT have electromagnetic character. After all, it is well known that electromagnetic radiation normally is unable to penetrate through screens made of ferromagnetic materials.
* * *
       In spite that this experiment was so designed that it is the simplest experiment possible for proving the feasibility of the device presented on this web page, still it is rather complicated. So in normal cases it cannot be completed in our private garage or in a corner of our bedrooms. However, if someone has an access to a research laboratory, it is incomparably simpler to carry out this experiment than to construct a working prototype of the "houfeng didongy yi". But still the experiment has almost the same proving power as a working prototype of this ancient instrument. Therefore, all these investigators who have the required conditions for experimenting, are encouraged to complete it. Especially if someone disbelieves into the existence of telepathic waves (or disbelieves in "chi") and would like to obtain some sort of a proof for the existence of these waves and for their actual work in practice. Or if someone is NOT convinced that telepathic waves are capable of carrying out a useful alarm signal. Or if someone considers investing his/her time or/and funds into re-constructing the "houfeng didongy yi", but he/she would like to obtain a proof beforehand that this investment is going to bring the desired results. Of course, this experiment can also be completed altruistically, just for the progress of our knowledge and for the good of Earth's science.

Fig. #G1 (2 in [ICST-2005])

Fig. #G1 (2 in [ICST-2005]): Here are basic components of the research station needed to carry out experiment which proves the feasibility of principles of operation and idea of the "houfeng didongy yi" discussed on this web page. (Click on the above illustration to see the more clear enlargement of it.)
       The central component of this research station is a square glass aquarium (A) completely filled up with stationary water. In the centre of one of side walls of this aquarium a pipe (P) is hermetically assembled. From this pipe (P) a stationary stream of water (W) is flowing out in the so-called "laminar flow". Notice that the parameters of this pipe (P) are of key significance for the success of experiment discussed here. Exactly on the inlet to this pipe (P) telepathic waves (O) are focused. These waves are deflected by hemispherical, concave mirror (M). The waves (O) are generated by a stream of electric sparks (S) formed by some kind of electrodes. (These sparks emitting electrodes (S) can be e.g. from a present electrical welder, or from an ignition sparkplug of present cars.) These electrodes simulate electrical phenomena (of the "piezoelectric effect" type) that are induced in the Earth's crust by a brewing earthquake (or a tornado). Optionally, between sparks inducing electrodes (S) and aquarium (A) a removable iron screen (H) can be placed. If telepathic waves are able to penetrate through this screen and cause the same effect as if there is no such a screen, then this means that for sure they are NOT electromagnetic waves that are already known to our science (i.e. it means that they are "telepathic waves").
       The same as this happens with every other scientific experiment, also in the experiment described here there are special requirements which must be fulfilled in order this experiment is successful. The most of these requirements concerns the pipe (P), or more strictly the clearance of inner hole from which the stream of water is flowing out that initially is required to display a "laminar flow". And so, in order this initial flow was laminar, the pipe (P) must have a hole with a very smooth (preferably polished) inner surface. Furthermore, there are also requirements concerning the diameter of the hole in this pipe (P). Namely this diameter should be smallest possible, but still allowing the "laminar flow of water" (as it is known from hydromechanics, too small holes disturb the laminar flow). After all, the energy of telepathic waves focused on the pipe and trying to disturb the laminar flow is going to be relatively small. Thus when the clearance diameter of the pipe (P) is too large, and thus when the flow of water is too powerful, these weak telepathic waves will be unable to change the laminar flow into the turbulent flow. In addition to the above requirements, vital is also the power of sparks generator (S). This power should be possibly the highest. Therefore it is desirable to use a present electric welder of possibly high power. Or use an electric arc similar to the one utilised in past in old cinema projectors. Or use a Wimshurst machine vigorously propelled by an electric motor. Etc., etc.
       Principles of the scientific experiment described here depend on utilization of an entire range of phenomena linked with telepathic waves. The most key significance out of these phenomena holds the ability of electric sparks to generate "telepathic noise". This ability is already confirmed by numerous other experiments of so-called "alternative sciences" (e.g. "totaliztic sciences"). For example, it is confirmed by experiments described in subsections U3.2.1 and K4 from volumes (correspondingly) 16 and 9 of monograph [1/5]. Another one amongst these phenomena is the ability of telepathic waves to induce physical vibrations of objects on which these waves are focused. (In turn these vibrations modify the laminar flow of water converting it into a turbulent flow.) Also this phenomenon is utilised by "alternative sciences". For example in subsections K2.2 and K2.5 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5] explained is the use of this phenomenon for inducing vibrations of a quartz crystal with telepathic waves. (Such a vibrating crystal is a main component of telepathic receivers in telepathic communication systems.) Still one more key phenomenon utilised in the experiment discussed here is the ability of smooth surfaces to deflect telepathic waves. (Means the ability e.g. the hemispherical mirror (M) to focus telepathic waves on the inlet to pipe (P).) This ability is confirmed e.g. by legendary already attributes of "pyramids", or more strictly by the fact that pyramids focus along their vertical axis the unknown to present orthodox science kind of radiation popularly named the "radiation of pyramids" - which in fact is just a kind of "telepathic noise".

Part #H: How today we could initiate the building of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph":


#H1. What we should do now, when the true operation of this wonder device is finally known:

       The telepathic seismograph described above introduces a capability of saving countless lives and preventing countless losses of most precious possessions, because it raises alarm before an approaching earthquake gets them. Furthermore, it displays enormous commercial potentials. For example, if this device is available in shops, and the price of it is comparable to prices of present smoke alarms, it is sure that it would be purchased by almost every household. After all, every year our planet is becoming seismically active increasingly more. So everyone for sure would like to have in his/her house a device, which would raise alarm of an incoming earthquake sufficiently in advance to allow for an effective escape.
       Therefore now, when the real principle of operation of this wonder device is revealed, there is about a time that appropriate institutions find financial means to design and to build modern equivalents of it. We need to roll up our sleeves, translate the analog principle of operation of this device into our present level of digital technology, and run an industrial production of thousands of such devices.
       It is worth to remember, that the analog principle of operation that it uses, when translated into the present state of our digital knowledge and technology, allows for further improvements to be done on it. For example, it allows to estimate the precise distance to the epicentre of a given earthquake, and thus estimate the time we have for an escape, and also a precise estimation of the force of an incoming earthquake. Furthermore, it can be miniaturised and assembled into e.g. present hand-phones. In such a way this wonder device may finally start to serve for the benefit of each single human being and the entire humanity. After all, this ancient Chinese device until today remains the only apparatus on our planet, which is able to remotely detect an impending earthquake and to raise an alarm about the approaching earthquake much earlier before this earthquake comes, and before it inflicts damages.

Fig. #H1.

Fig. #H1. Ornamental "houfeng didongy yi".
       Shown above is an ornamental seismograph made of jade (a semiprecious stone). In 2003 it could be ordered from The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Guoying Chen, Manager NI&E (
       I personally believe that when the right time comes for humanity to venture into a new direction, everything that is connected with this new direction becomes "fashionable". This seems to be one of mechanisms used to inspire humanity. Now we just see times when everything connected with telepathic waves started to be fashionable. People are increasingly interested in "chi" and in "feng-shui". Also the "Zhang Heng seismograph" which practically opens the doors to technical mastery of telepathic waves rapidly becomes very fashionable.

#H2. How to build a present version of this device:

       In the original version the seismograph discussed here combined in itself two different principles of operation. The first of these was the principle on which the alarm signal about an incoming earthquake was intercepted. This principle boils down to decoding of information that are carried out in the powerful outburst of telepathic waves which are generated by an incoming earthquake. The second principle contained in the device discussed here, is the conversion of information brought by telepathic waves into some form of alarm that would be noticeable by people. In case of the discussed seismograph, this conversion depended on the modulation of flowing water with telepathic waves. But if this device is to be constructed presently, both above principles of operation can be significantly improved and modernised. Instead of using water, which in present circumstances would significantly decrease the usability and portability of this device, electronic signals and computerised data processing could be used. Therefore in present times this device could be build as a kind of "computerised information system", in which telepathic signals would be intercepted electronically, in turn the conversion of these signals into an alarm would be carried out by appropriate software contained in the processor of a miniature computer. Such a design will introduce several additional benefits, which were impossible to be accomplished in the original device. Let us list here at least the most important of these benefits:
      #i. Miniaturization and portability. Such a computerised information system for early warning about an incoming earthquake can be constructed as a completely portable device, similar to e.g. present "smoke alarms". After appropriate miniaturisation it probably will be possible to incorporate it into cellular hand-phones, so that every person will be able to carry it all the time. In this way, it will alarm every person separately, indicating from which direction a given earthquake comes, what the power of it is going to be, and how much time is left to escape.
      #ii. Precision of information. The principle of operation of this device, combined with the present state of our knowledge and technology, allows for further improvements to be done on it. For example, present computer systems allow for a precise decoding of information that is contained in telepathic waves. This in turn allows the present equivalents of this device to estimate the precise distance to the epicentre of a given earthquake, and thus to estimate also the time we have for an escape. Furthermore, the computer analysis of characteristics of incoming telepathic waves allows to determine the precise force of an incoming earthquake, thus it warns what we should expect from a given earthquake.
      #iii. Any desired form of alarm. The shaping of this device into a form of a computerised information system allows to give any character to the alarm that it raises. Thus independently from a sound alarm that would wake up people at nights, present version of this device may raise a vibratory alarm - means they may start to vibrate in the pocket of a carrying person like present cellular phones. They also are able to send the alarm signal on miniature screens, informing visually about the direction of an incoming earthquake, about the destructive power of it, and also about time left to escape.
      #iv. Universal operation. When such a telepathic detection system is working, it actually can be used not only for Earth. For example, if one directs a large parabolic antenna at any heavenly body nearby, it could also provide information about earthquakes occurring at that particular body. In this way, e.g. astronomers could use such a device for monitoring earthquakes on all planets of our solar system.

Fig. #H2

Fig. #H2: Everyone knows such antennas. Usually these are affiliated with satellite TV and radio-telescopes. But actually they can also be utilised for early detection of incoming earthquakes and tornados.
       Each single such an antenna represents an equivalent to a wedge of around 1/8th of the "houfeng didongy yi". So if we use eight such antennas, and each one of them we point out into a different geographic direction, then we obtain a modern "antenna chamber" that simulates the work of this entire instrument. Only that instead of focusing telepathic waves on inlets of water, these antennas would focus telepathic signals on appropriate telepathic sensors. In turn the sensors would forward the earthquake (or tornado) signal for processing firstly to a spectrum analyser, and then to a computerised information system for early detection of incoming earthquakes. This system would be a bit like present voice recognition software, means it would recognise the telepathic "speech" which every earthquake (and tornado) is giving out just while it is brewing up. From such a "speech" the information system is to extract two details, namely how soon this particular earthquake (or tornado) is to strike, and what the force of it going to be. Then these two details are to be send by the processing computer to all interested people, as an early earthquake warning. After receiving it, people will have enough time to escape from the danger zone. Therefore such a system of eight parabolic antennas directed into eight sides of the world, together with electronic hardware and processing software linked with it, would be capable of starting an early alarm before an earthquake hits us. What is even more interesting, at a later date all these could be miniaturised and build into e.g. our cellular hand-phones. Then they could warn individually each one of us about an incoming earthquake, a long time before this earthquake strikes.
       (Please notice, that the same my old car is also shown in "Fig. #B2a" from the web page named petone.htm, as it mysteriously attracted a white heron.)

#H3. Design for a modern equivalent of the "houfeng didongy yi":

       On the current level of our knowledge, we already are able to describe what the design and operation of the present equivalent of the discussed telepathic seismograph is going to be. And so, it must have some kind of surfaces which are to focus telepathic waves. These surfaces may either take the form of a parabolic "antenna chamber" - like the one in the original seismograph of Zhang Heng, or a system of dishes similar to that used in present satellite TV antennas - directed in several different sides. In focal points of these surfaces, sensors of telepathic waves must be placed. Most probably functions of these sensors may perform appropriate industrial quartz crystals, such as these discussed in subsection K2.3 of monograph [1/5]. But it is also possible to use optical resonance cavities described in subsection K2.5 of monograph [1/5], or ampoules of solution of salt in distilled water described in subsection K1 of monograph [1/5]. From these telepathic sensors, the signal about an incoming earthquake is going to be send to a computer microprocessor via an analogue-digital converter. In the microprocessor it is going to be processed by appropriate information system, which subjects it to identification, analysis, and which on the basis of it is going to generate an alarm signal send to a selected alarming device.

Fig. #H3.

Fig. #H3: Another ornamental seismograph. This beautiful replica in 2003 could be purchased from Hong Kong. It could be ordered via the following web site: (have a look at all these collectable art pieces available in there).

#H4. The same principles of "houfeng didongy yi" can also be utilised for the detection of incoming tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, and several other deadly phenomena of nature:

       The name tornados or "twisters" is used to describe murderous whirling winds, which display the force of destruction equal to that of dynamite. Many buildings hit by a tornado simply explode. The power of tornado is also able to suck into the air people that try to hide from it in cellars. In Poland tornados used to be called "air trumpets" (i.e. "trąby powietrzne"). I also have heard that an old Polish folklore name for them was the "dancing devil" (i.e. "tańcujący diabeł"). In turn old English name for them was "wind devil". In more details tornados are described on the separate web page tornado.htm.
       An interesting attribute of tornados is, that these whirling winds release a whole array of electric and magnetic phenomena, which are very similar to these induced by earthquakes just brewing up. For example, crushing of objects and crystals of soil by forces of tornados cause the release of piezoelectric effects similar to these triggered by earthquakes. In turn electrical discharges and lightning produce magnetic impulses similar to these from earthquakes. Therefore incoming tornados also release various "telepathic signals" (or flows of "chi" energy) which can be perceived remotely and which can be utilised in principles of anti-tornado early warning systems.
       An extraordinary attribute of the principles utilised in the "houfeng didongy yi" is, that after appropriate technical modifications, it is able to detect remotely the impending tornados. Thus the principle of operation that it utilises enables it to be used as a remote sensing device which detects a tornado that just is brewing up. More information about just such application of the "houfeng didongy yi" for remote detection of the "devil winds", is provided on several web pages on the subject of "tornados" listed in "Menu 4", e.g. on the web page named tornado.htm.
       Interestingly, phenomena very similar to these generated by tornadoes, are also generated by approaching hurricanes - for details see totaliztic web pages hurricane.htm and katrina.htm. Therefore, the device described here could also be used for getting early warnings about approaching hurricanes. Furthermore, as everyone knows, "by-products" of some earthquakes are waves of killing tsunamis. Because the device described here issues advanced warnings that an earthquake is to hit, it also warns that a tsunami may hit a given area - should the approaching earthquake induce such a tsunami.

Fig. #H4

Fig. #H4. Another interesting replica of the shape of "Zhang Heng seismograph". In 2003 this one was presented on the web page where it appeared courtesy of National Geographic magazine.
       The interesting attribute of this device is, that after appropriate re-designing of the parabolic "antenna chamber", it is able to remotely detect incoming tornados and hurricanes. The re-designed shape of this antenna-chamber must be such, that it will intercept and focus the telepathic waves incoming from the clouds positioned above this device. (Notice that in the design presented here the "houfeng didongy yi" was build to intercept telepathic signals coming from undergrounds located slightly below it.

Part #I: Costs of my fruitless efforts to build the earthquake early-warning device described here:


#I1. Universities of practically every country destroyed by earthquakes, including Japan, were bombarded with numerous my job applications supported by scientific proposals of building the device described here for remote detection of impending earthquakes:

       As long ago as already in 2005, I presented my paper [1#I1] entitled "Signal processing in the 'Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes" on the scientific conference named "The International Conference on Sensing Technology" (ICST 2005), Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 21 to 23 November 2005. That paper explained thoroughly the "hydraulic" principle of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi" described here. As it happened, the presentation of that paper coincided in time with the loss of my last job that I managed to have in New Zealand for a short term - starting from 2001 - details of it are provided in my autobiography. Therefore, immediately after the presentation of that paper, I started a vigorous job-seeking by sending countless applications to various universities from almost the entire world, which advertised positions in any amongst my numerous scientific specialisations in which I gained the required expertise and experience. In total, I posted literally hundreds of such job applications to universities from many countries, starting from that year 2005, until the beginning of 2011. Because many amongst these universities required that to the job applications candidates enclosed also research proposals for projects which candidates would complete in the duration of their employment on these universities, to my research projects for universities with the engineering orientation I always included, amongst others, the research and development of prototypes of the "houfeng didongy yi" described on this web page, as well as the research and development of a range of energy devices which I am investigating, e.g. these for the generation and storage of "free energy" which are described on my web pages named oscillatory_chamber.htm, eco_cars.htm, fe_cell.htm, free_energy.htm, or pajak_jan_uk.htm. Only to universities from Japan and from New Zealand I posted tens of such projects for the research and for development of my warning and energy devices. I also posted these in massive numbers, amongst others, to: Australia, Haiti, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, several countries of the Europe (most to England, Germany and Poland), and to a range of other countries - which soon afterwards started to be plagued with cataclysms against the arrival of which the devices which I proposed supposed to issue early warnings to people (thus giving them the required time to escape from the danger zone). This massive, although always fruitless, sending of my job applications supported with proposals of research and development of the "early warning device" described here, I stopped only at the beginning of 2011 - when I realised that further such efforts have no sense as chances to be fruitful are almost zero.
       In the meantime my research carried out according to the philosophical approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"), described, amongst others, in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, revealed to me quite an interesting, as well as highly fair and just, method of work of God. Namely, in every moment of time God knows the entire future. Thus, a long time before this future arrives God already works in such a way, that this arriving future receives the treatment which is the most fair and just, as well as the most justified by morality. (Notice that I am trying to attract attention to this way of God's work, amongst others, on the entire web page named god_exists.htm and in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm.) For example, due to a careful preparation of all events which still are to arrive, everything that affects people God so skilfully organises that it is "self-regulating" from the moral point of view - as this is explained in items #B3 to #B4.4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. Thus, since God knows e.g. from the decrease in human morality that soon in the future He will be forced to hit with earthquakes some cities in e.g. New Zealand, therefore in order to warn and to prepare that country to the cataclysms which unavoidably are coming (see (4) in item #B5 above on this web page), God makes sure that in the major museum of that country (i.e. in its "Te Papa") was exhibited the model of a "remote detector of impending earthquakes" a long time in advance, so that people of that country had a good opportunity to familiarise themselves with principles of operation of this alarming device long before the cataclysm is to hit them - as this is illustrated in "Fig. #D1" from this web page. In addition, God makes sure, that in New Zealand itself appeared an appropriately prepared expert, e.g. someone like Dr Jan Pająk (i.e. myself), which to universities of that country stubbornly proposed numerous projects on the research and development of the working prototypes of that particular "remote detector of impending earthquakes". In turn, if in spite of all these efforts, New Zealanders who live on the continually shaking islands, reject all offers of building for them this "device for early warning about impending earthquakes", then when the earthquake must come and must hit them, the moral responsibility for all the consequences falls just onto their own shoulders. After all, previously God did all in His power to help them. (Not without reasons, the old Polish proverb states that "everyone meets the fate which he or she fully deserves" - in the original Polish language: "każdego spotyka dokładnie to na co zasługuje".)
       Of course, New Zealand is NOT just an exception in these matters. On a similar "self-regulatory" moral principles, to the approaching cataclysms God actually prepares every other country and every other city. For example, it turns out that God so skilfully directed the appearance and the content of advertisements about university positions, as well as skilfully directed my own job searches, that to universities from every city and country which soon supposed to be hit by a powerful earthquake, I posted earlier at least one job application supported with my proposal of research and development of the device which would warn against the incoming earthquakes (but typically many my job applications arrived to these particular universities). In other words, every city and every country which was to be hit by a deadly earthquake, previously received a chance from God to have a cheap but very effective early-warning device which would alarm inhabitants sufficiently in advance for a successful escape, that such a killing earthquake is just coming. This extraordinary fact I noted only recently with a big surprise. Namely, while researching the most destructive earthquakes of the recent years, I was shocked to notice the regularity, that at least one university from every city and country hit by these earthquakes, received at least one my job application supported with my project for the research and development of the "device for early warning about impending earthquakes" described on this web page. And so, just such job applications together with proposals of research and development of the early-warning device I posted to the following countries - which until the time of writing this item were already hit by a deadly earthquakes (in the alphabetic order): China, Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA. All of them refused many times to accept my scientific proposals of researching and building for them the alarming device described here. Soon afterwards all of them were hit by powerful earthquakes, the total economic costs of which reached billions, while the human costs cannot be even estimated - for details of some amongst them see "part #C" of this web page. What even more interesting, the first (warning) earthquakes started to crack walls of some buildings in the city of Chicago that was equally like Europe sure of its stability and safety from earthquakes - to universities of which I also posted several such job applications and research proposals.
       After realising the above I started to panic. This is because I recalled that I posted many more of such job applications and research proposals to also countries and cities which so-far were NOT hit yet by any earthquake. Does it mean that one day their fate is also to conclude? For example, I remember that such job applications I also posted to Australia and to Europe (mostly to England, Germany and Poland). What should be worrying for myself, is that I posted these applications even to the Victoria University of Wellington - i.e. not far from the suburb of Petone in which is located the flat that I currently hire. I am aware that Petone in which I currently live, and also all large cities in Poland, for now are protected from cataclysms by so-called "10 righteous" which live in them and which protective capabilities I already documented in item #I3 from the web page day26.htm. But I also know, that the morality in there decreases fast and that prevails in there increasingly open, punishable by God, and highly "infectious" form of the philosophy of parasitism. Furthermore, I know also, that for various reasons one day the number of these "righteous" is going to drop down below the required at least "10" - this in turn releases God from the Biblical promise to NOT send a cataclysm in there. I know also that Australia and the entire Europe (including England, Germany and Poland) so-far were considered to be stable areas - free from earthquakes. But I know also, that until recently for such a completely stable and secure was considered also to be the city of Christchurch - but this has NOT prevented it from meeting the fate described in items #C5 to #C6 of this web page. Therefore, herewith I recommend to readers, to take under consideration of what I am describing here and to begin preparations for the eventuality that in present increasingly immoral times, earthquakes can also hit their own city (for descriptions on "how" to prepare ourselves - see item #G2 from the web page named plague.htm).

#I2. As it turns out, these are small interests of several "luminaries of science" that block for the entire humanity the progress of knowledge about earthquakes:

       "Why" and "how" the greed and personal gains of just a few scientific decision makers block the progress of the entire humanity in research both, the telepathic device for a remote detection of impending earthquakes, as well as methods of earthquakes' prevention based on morality, is explained more thoroughly in items #R1 to #R7 from a separate web page named quake.htm.

#I3. I would still be willing to assist in research and development of prototypes of the "houfeng didongy yi" that would work on principles described on this web page:

       I estimate that the cost of materials, equipment, research, and manufacturing (however, without human labour) needed to complete a working prototype of the "houfeng didongy yi" amounts to around $US 50,000. This equipment includes, amongst others: a good conventional (inertial) seismograph, a set of parabolic antenna dishes, appropriately shaped feed-horns and sensors, spectrum analyser with a digital output, a PC computer with a large memory (i.e. of a "server" type), and several prototypes of research stations. Even if I would decide to build this device on the same principle like all other research which I carry out so-far, namely in my personal time and in the corner of my bedroom, still I have no enough private funds to buy all materials and equipment needed - in spite that it costs less than a single family house that is going to be destroyed during a next powerful earthquake which for sure is to come soon. But perhaps the reader could help. Perhaps the reader already have a laboratory with all this equipment. Or maybe together we could build this device in any other manner - after all it is needed so urgently. I invite you to have a look at this web page, to see how feasible the idea of this device is, and what it involves to build it. Then I invite you to consider how the practical construction of it could be moved forward from the present deadlock. In turn, when it is finally build, it is going to save thousands of human lives, perhaps even your own or your close ones.
* * *
       In 2005 I was made redundant from my lecturing job in computer sciences. (I have the required expertise in two disciplines, namely in Mechanical Engineering and in Computer Sciences.) The reason for that redundancy was a mysterious slump in numbers of students who studied computing and Information Technology in New Zealand. Then arrived the economic depression, massive unemployment, and cataclysms. In the result, until today I have NOT managed to find a next job in New Zealand. As I am explaining this in my autobiography, in spite that I am still unemployed, I do NOT receive even an unemployment benefit. The loss of job and income is always a regrettable situation. However, in my circumstances it also opens a possibility of finding another job, which would be more suitable for research and development of devices described on this web page. Although because of the hopeless economic situation of the present world, at the beginning of 2011 I ceased to seek a next job, I would still consider accepting a position if by any chance an appropriate post "would find itself". Thus please let me know if the reader hears of any suitable position. I am interested in every position, which would allow me to research and to develop working prototypes of any devices described on my web pages. This includes the device of advanced warning described on this web page, as well as Oscillatory Chambers, telekinetic water dissociators, or telekinetic cells. The most ideal position, which would suit me best, would be the one described on a separate web page my job search. However, I understand that it is very difficult to accomplish an ideal in life. Thus, I am prepared to negotiate any job opportunity which would allow for experimental research of such innovative devices.
* * *
       Notice that this web page is actually a preliminary report which summarises outcomes of my "private" research to-date on an ancient remote detector of impending earthquakes (or an ancient earthquake warning device). This device has the ability to detect an earthquake a log time before it strikes and does a damage. To be even more extraordinary, this device was already build and actually proved its worth in action. This is why I am putting so much effort in research and in promotion of it. I believe that it is able to save many human lives. Because of my publications, everyone may now be able to find out from the descriptions on this web page how it works, what principle it uses for the detection of impending earthquakes, and also to learn the unusual history of it. You can also download from this web page a copy of short subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5] "Advanced Magnetic Devices". Similarly as that conference paper [1#I1] indicated in the introduction to this web page and in item #I1, this subsection K6.1 also describes well the "houfeng didongy yi". After downloading this subsection K6.1, you can read it in the comfort of your own home, or give it to your friends who may do research on remote detection of impending earthquakes (or tornados, or hurricanes).
* * *
       The device described here carries the potential of saving countless lives and properties. Actually, if you live on an "earthquake belt" and this device is build soon enough, perhaps it may even save your own life, or life of someone that you love the most. After all, for reasons explained in item #B6 of this web page, our planet is increasingly more active seismically, and destructive earthquakes keep happening increasingly frequent. They occur lately also in places where before no-one even have heard of them. Europe and Americas are NOT immune against them. We could sleep more peaceful if we have a device like this, which would wake up us soon enough to escape from a danger zone. So perhaps we both should think together how to build this device much sooner. I have the knowledge and skills required to build it, but I do not have laboratory nor right conditions for experimental research and for prototyping. But perhaps the reader have these, or could arrange for these. If we join our forces, this wonder device maybe could materialise after almost 2000 years of being removed from the service to people, and thus would obtain a chance to save many more lives.

Part #J: Why inventors are persecuted - means the "curse of inventors":


#J1. Why God implements the "curse of inventors":

Motto: "Wise God intentionally directs the physical world in such a way, that the progress of knowledge is forced to follow the line of the greatest resistance."

       The so-called "curse of inventors" has its justification. This justification is explained in item #B4.4 from the totaliztic web page mozajski_uk.htm and in item #G3 from the totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm.

#J2. Another technical invention that also was completed before "its times":

       "Zhang Heng seismograph" was not the only technical device constructed on Earth, that arrived while humanity was not prepared for it. Another such a device was that shown on the photograph to the right. It is an advanced (first) aeroplane constructed and flown on Earth in 1882, namely in times when the most advanced machine was a steam locomotive. This aeroplane was build by a Polish/Russian inventor named Aleksander Możajski. Further details about this extraordinary aeroplane are provided on the web page on Aleksander Mozajski, from "Menu 1" and "Menu 4", as well as in subsection V1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].

Fig. #J2 (T2 in [10])

Fig. #J2 (T2 in [10]): The aeroplane build and flown by a Polish/Russian inventor named Aleksander Możajski. It was constructed and flown in 1882, i.e. around 21 years before the famous aeroplane of Wright Brothers from the USA, and 20 years before the aeroplane of the New Zealander Richard Pearse. Further details about this extraordinary Polish/Russian aeroplane are provided on the web page named mozajski_uk.htm (i.e. about Aleksander Możajski) from "Menu 1" and "Menu 4", as well as provided in subsection V1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].

Part #K: Findings that stem from fate of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described here:


#K1. So that the packing does not devaluate the content:

       My research yielded an interesting finding, that around 70% of people who are interested in the subject area of this web page, and who went through the trouble of opening this web page, still abandons the reading of the most vital details of the ideas described here. So there is something that discourages them from learning the details for explaining of which this web page was created. We can deduce logically that this discouraging component is NOT the idea explained here, but the expressions, presentation, and the language with the use of which this idea is "packed". I would be interested to learn what this discouraging aspect is.

Fot. #K1

Fot. #K1. The impressively looking replica of the "houfeng didongy yi". In 2003 this replica was shown in the interesting web page (I recommend to have a look at this web page). It illustrates meaningfully how beautiful was the appearance of the original model of the instrument described here in times when the constructor of it continually polished and fine tuned it. As this can be seen from the above photograph, the apparatus was perfected in every possible detail. The principle of operation that it utilised shocks even today with the technical perfection. In turn the beauty of external appearance of the original prototype induces an awe even in present times.
       The beauty of the original "houfeng didongy yi" revealed by the above replica points our attention at an extremely important rule. Namely that "appearance and packing frequently is even more important than content". Such a rule applies also to this web page. The way this web page is formulated and "packed", is equally important to the success of the idea that it tries to forward, as the message that it contains and the knowledge that it tries to present for our attention. So even if for various reasons you are unable to assist in the completion of the idea presented here, perhaps still you would be able to contribute to the perfecting of the "packing" in which this idea is disseminated via this web page. In turn the satisfaction from doing something in order to improve the present difficult situation of all of us, should be very similar independently of the type of contribution that you are able to provide.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:

#L1. Summary of this web page:

       In relationship top devices which are really important, people display a curious attitude. Namely, the more useful and needed a given device is, the more reluctance and resistance people show towards building it.

#L2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L3. The blog of totalizm:

       It is also worth to periodically check the "blog of totalizm", which in spite of intense attempts to delete it, is still active since April 2005. Last two addresses, at which it remains undeleted until now, are: and

#L4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor on 4 different universities, i.e. on 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in my professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#L6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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